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Our First Day With Our Deaf Puppy

E: What’s going on? E: you’re so still. It’s ridiculous E: so cute R: What are we gonna do? We’re gonna go to Pet Smart Yeah? Let’s go E: come on Java R: *Java’s sign name* E: what? Shh. She’s breaking the rules E: she’s not supposed to be on the
couch She’s on me She’s tired just like daddy. She’s tired tired to okay. Ready to go? Let’s go get food We ordered some pet food You told them already E: no I didn’t tell them We ordered some pet food from It’s a great website if you have a dog really good It has two day shipping. Fast We ordered royal canin e? No e right? oh Canin and we found out that it has corn in it which is not a good filler it’s a filler so we decided to return it, but it’s awesome They said, just keep it or donate the food it’s fine, you don’t have to return we just refund your money so we have a 50 pound bag right there E: 35-pounds E: okay looks heavy though 35 pounds yeah so we’re gonna go get her… what brand did you found out was good? E: Wellness Wellness. We’ll get that E: something We’ll get a small 20 pound bag for now E: yeah really small because I just ordered yeah, you just ordered E: a 30 pound bag but it’s two-day shipping. She needs food now so we’ll just go. Let’s go this morning Ryan I was sleeping I hadn’t woken up yet and Ryan put Java on the bed to wake me up but she’s still very young so being a baby right when she wakes up she’s very nippy so she did this to my nose R: Tell them about her Instagram! I’ll just hold it It’s okay You want to explain? so Java now has her own Instagram She posts almost every day I had music on. she’s posed almost every
day and she loves to answer comments her instagram is missyjavachip If you want to see her cute pictures every day go follow! E: look at this one E: how can you not E: okay, let’s go R: Ready to go? This is her second time in there because I took her R: third time third? oh you went with your
sister oh is that how you got the tag R: yes thanks so much Anna for the tag she
looks so good in it E: sleepy she’s been napping all day Are you ready to go? ready? Mwah. I love you it’s the right thing to do. That’s what’s being a parent is like There’s was a woman who’s like, “awe cute puppy,” and started petting her but Ryan like no, you can’t pet her R: no because she hasn’t had her full vaccines yet so any R: three weeks R: can’t touch anyone else Yeah we can’t have other people touching her unless they wash their hands E: look E: those dogs are so cute E: look, there’s a greyhound E: oh look, that’s for puppies E: it’s hard? so these are better? R: very hard E: the puppy one E: okay, let’s go get some food E: go get some food E: there we go E: yay food. yeah E: yeah E: ya We buy now *puppy whining* It’s okay E: I know, I know you’re hungry She’s so hungry like she knows there’s food over there she’s like, I’m so hungry! I know look outside oo food almost food time almost almost lunch E: come on Java! we’re gonna eat so this is the food
she has been eating and we have a little bit left that’s why we needed to buy new food so we could mix it so her stomach gets used to it because if you just change it Where’s Java? Right there If you just change it from one to the other it can hurt her stomache E: she’ll sit E: there you go. see R: good girl. sit. good girl feeding time is
one of those few times where we can rest actually yeah, yesterday we went to sleep at 4am she tends to wake up in the
middle of night because she needs to go to the bathroom really it’s not her fault. It’s more our fault because we were answering comments and looking up dog toys and dog food E:yeah so really our fault but she was sleeping the whole time she was sleeping at 10 or 11 pm because two days ago she woke up at three in the morning and peed in her crate so I decided to stay up until 3 to make sure she didn’t wake up, but she stayed asleep until like 5 I could of slept at like 11 but it’s okay. I answered comments and cought up with you guys it’s amazing to read all your comments now I’m just gonna chill on my new couch This is my favorite spot. Right here E: oh. All done E: Was it good? E: yeah? E: you’re so cute E: I love you *puppy noise* E: What was that? She ate too fast Ryan and I were just talking about how
we are just so tired She’s gonna be so smart huh yeah, I was saying it’s because we’re with her everyday we don’t leave her in a crate all day we take her with us every where so she will be very smart, right mmm-hmm everyday she’s learning constantly she’ll be constantly learning Hey Java, you want a treat? Want a treat? bring the kong You have to fill it with peanut butter let’s see if she likes peanut butter test E: it’s kind of wet inside. I just washed it, so dry it out because the peanut butter look E: *gasp* no E: no, no biting E: hey hey hey E: Java E: Java, no biting E: no biting E: she understands that E: she understands that E: that good girl good girl E: Java E: she likes it yeah Worth it. To get up right E: Java She’s learning Why is she on me getting frustrated a little bit I think there’s too much inside. I don’t want her to get the runs later so I’m gonna take a little bit out E: oh my god, there’s a lot very nice way to say diarrhea. Do that again. Oh my god. there’s so much in here I’m sorry Java, I’m so sorry I’m sorry. I’m sorry E: she doesn’t seem to mind. Woopsies I hope she does okay with it kind of put
a little bit too much I think in there but we’ll see how she does she is such a handfull. We’re kind of tired so we’re not very talkative right now We just love her so much What are you doing she’s using me as a way to get it smart okay, thank you guys so much for watching our vlogs Don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you guys next time love you! Bye Sign Duo OUT!

100 Replies to “Our First Day With Our Deaf Puppy”

  • I have been feeding my black lab with Wellness food since she was born. Amazing product! Glad you both chosen that brand. You guys won't be sorry!

  • Hi Ellen & Ryan, I just found your channel a week ago and I love your videos , my daughter was born deaf and got CI’s a year ago today actually. She loves to sign and prefers it sometimes. Watching your videos is helping me learn more sign language and it helps me teach her .she’s only two so you guys are helping me out a lot . Thank you guys 🤟🏽.

  • Y'all are such good parents to your furbaby! Java is the perfect name for her! Fits her very well. She is going to bring so much added love into the home!

  • Try bitter apple spray to stop her from chewing on furniture!! The taste should deter most dogs from wanting to chew/lick there again! I sprayed the bottom of my couch and the molding on my wall and my dog took one lick, and hated it. He doesn't chew furniture anymore! Apparently 1 in 10 dogs actually like the taste though lol. Also you can freeze the kong with peanut butter in it so it lasts longer! If you're worried about giving her too much peanut butter, try veggies! My dog loves bell peppers and frozen broccoli stems 😀

    Congrats on your puppy!! She's so cute. I can't wait to see more videos of her as she grows up!

  • LOL!! "She's not suppose to be on the couch" … "She's on me!" Haha! What a doggy Daddy! She's gorgeous! Congrats on your new little lovebug!!

  • Did you guys see the toys that turn off if you don't want to hear the squeaker? I saw them in PetSmart the other day and thought of your other vid about getting non-squeaky toys!

  • Java is very sweet! I’m not dog savvy, but why is her collar tag blurred out? Sometimes it says JAVA and sometimes it’s blurred.

  • If you add the peanut butter and put it in the freezer, then she can lick on it like a popsicle! And it doesn't get everywhere that way.

  • I dont understand why people dont let their dogs on the couch. My dog never wanted to but he was always allowed. If you bathe them frequently then why does it matter?

  • My dog is hearing, but he responds to hand signals for tricks way better than the verbal commands ("sit", "spin", etc.)!

  • You guys are absolutely one of the most genuine, real, and fun you tubers that I consistently watch. I absolutely love your little family and just the bond you share with one another. And your dog is so beautifully adorable.

    I wish you the best of life. You two are definitely deserving of all the love and care the world can offer. ❤️

  • I loved watching you both with her. Such an adorable and loving family! She’s such a smart pup 😍 can’t wait to see her grow up!

  • Honest kitchen and Orijen/Acana are really high quality dog foods. You should check them out and see how they process their foods

  • Aww, she's still so adorable! It's great that she loves to be around you, but I would suggest when she's older, just to let her be more independent. That way, she's not dependent or relying on you. Dogs thrive the most when the have a little bit of independence. <3

  • My son's business license told me that limit for two or three ice lick less urine for the night only if you hang out with your dog walk or grass play limit thirty of water morning and night and little late-night limit two ice lick less urine. My son taught training all the dogs owned by people.

  • Absolutely love this!! Couldn’t tell what kind of peanut butter you were using but be careful there’s no xylitol in it because it’s SUPER deadly to dogs. My dog loves peanut butter too 😉 Love u guys!

  • We can totally tell you two will be amazing parents to a little human when the time is right by the way you take care of Java. You’re both such calm and collected people ! Ellen with her gentle nature and ASMR soothing voice lol and Ryan being extremely protective of Java and the way he caresses her little face ! I need my own Ryan. LOL 😩😂 You’re such couple goals. Love your little family !

  • This is the best way to start a new day: Watching your new upload and witnessing Java's cuteness 🐶💞😊 I'm a tea person but i don't mind getting overdosed on missyjavachip cute pics. 😉

  • I was sad I had went to watch video on Tuesday and you guys had took it down. But I’m so happy it’s back. The puppy is so adorable. I know she’s in a loving home. Love you guys 😘

  • BTW it looks like you guys really know how to take care of a puppy and do you know what’s just like a puppy?????? A baby. You guys I’m waiting everyday for the surprise pregnancy video. Please hurry!!! Love you 😘

  • Java got an eyebrow made with peanut butter, lol! A lovely family. 🙂
    P.S. Ellen, we had a puppy years ago who loved to munch my hair whenever I fell asleep on the floor. That's when my hair started to become frizzy and unruly. T_T I can still clearly remember the face of my student when he asked me about what happened to my hair. -_- Our little adventurer was playful and cute so I forgave him easily but my hair didn't.

  • I love you guys so so much! I found your channel maybe two days ago and I watched most of your videos lol, but I have a question… does Ryan sign in ASL sentence structure? I've been learning ASL in high school, I'm going into my fourth year, and I noticed his structure is more English. Just curious, love you guys and what you're doing!!!!

  • Totally recommend a raw food diet for Java! It's unprocessed raw meat, veg and a hint of natural oils etc for health. The food label shows exactly what's in it. You just defrost in the fridge overnight and serve. I use the 'big dog' brand in Aus but I don't know if they have it in the US

  • so happy to know you guys are bonding with your little baby girl. So happy you got a pitbull as they are so discriminated against and also so happy you got a deaf puppy! how amazing! ps. Petsmart has been known to discriminate against pitbulls so just be warned about shopping there.

  • I have LOVED watching the puppy adventures!! I love watching you guys to stay brushed up on my ASL (currently a student).
    At the risk of being another person to give unsolicited advice- I would say I would break the habit of holding her in the front seat as soon as she's big enough to ride on her own. I have a dog that my boyfriend would hold because he would constantly cry in the car and now he's an 85 pound baby has severe car anxiety because he can't be held and he's buckled in. It's going to take a long time to break his habits now when we could have prevented it earlier!😩

  • Okay, this isn’t meant to be mean or ignorant, but like the sounds Ryan makes when signing is so tingly and relaxing, like it’d be perfect for an ASMR video to use for sleeping 😩

  • I love your guys channel so much I’ve been watching you all summer!!! ❤️
    But I have a question and I hope you guys can help
    I like this guy who goes to my school I’m a freshman in college and I was briefly introduced and then found out he was in my one of my classes… he is super smart and kind, (he is deaf) I signed to him briefly cause i had met him previously before the class
    but I only just started in ASL 1 so I’m not very good, we talked more again today but it was with an interpreter and class related,
    I would like to get to know him better but idk how he would want to communicate, cause I thought it be better if I let him choose notes or finger spelling etc. but I don’t know how to start the conversation.
    Basically I just want to let him know I’m interested

  • You two are the most adorable couple ever!! And Java is soooo cute!! 😍😍🐶 Love your vlogs!! Puts a big smile on my face!! ❤️ Thank you!

  • I went into my local Spar supermarket here in Britain yesterday, and saw to my shock large 'tasty' packets for dogs of dry-roasted chicken's feet, chicken's necks, pigs' snouts and pigs' tails. I sincerely hope these aren't things you might consider later for Java!

  • Hey guys! Do yall have any recommendations for movies/tv shows that represent the deaf community accurately or that you guys think are good 🙂 thanks!

  • hi guys! i used to work at a vet where the brand we distributed was royal canin. the thing about corn being a filler is you know how when you eat corn well it comes out the other end whole. when corn is in a dog food. it’s ground and the water is removed so it is just the pure corn. so it’s actually not a bad thing. try and stay away from grain free because it is known to be connected to heart issues. i highly recommend a head halter for walking when she is older it teaches them not to pull. it was a life saver with my pitty and my golden!!! love y’all!!

  • You guys are all so cute! You guys should get something so that Java can eat from her food bowl lifted up because it’s better for that type of dog breed

  • Royal canin itself isn’t the best food unless is for a specific use like urinary problems. People tend to use it cause it’s “breed specific” but it’s really not that good. Blue buffalo and nutro are really good foods. Petsmart carries a food called only natural pet that has really good ingredients too.

  • Wellness isn’t really the best either. Purina pro or any purina is the best choice at the moment. Preliminary research has shown heart disease in grain free and dog foods with certain ingredients like beet pulp. It’s the only brand without all the ingredients that they’re still testing

  • If she’s eating a little too fast, put that long you bought her in the bowl so she has to eat around it. It slows the eating down!

    Hi Java you are adorable! 🐾

  • Before dog: okay they just can’t come on the couch
    After having dog for 1 day: okay I guess they can sleep on the couch but not my bed
    After having dog for 1 week: //ends up sleeping by spooning dog

    It’s a natural progression guys don’t fight it haha

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