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Order of Description – People | ASL – American Sign Language

If you want to describe a person by how the person looks like, there is an order of description of five things. An important thing is whether the person is male or female. GENDER, SEX, this is the sign for GENDER or SEX. Because up here is male and down here is female. Use handshape-X. ETHNICITY. That is up to you. If you see that the person has a different ethnicity, then go ahead and point that out. Because his/her ethnicity is different. It makes it easier to identify that person. It is optional, it is up to you. Ethnicity. 2) ETHNICITY. Like for example, BLACK, HISPANIC, WHITE, INDIAN, NATIVE-AMERICAN. 3) HEIGHT, this is the sign for HEIGHT. TALL. MEDIUM. SHORT. 4) BODY TYPE. What does the body look like? Is he/she AVERAGE, FAT/OBESE, THIN/SKINNY (3 variations), MUSCULAR, PREGNANT, CHUBBY? So, that is the body. Okay, as for the last part, 5) EYES, is the eye blue, green, or brown? Or BRIGHT-BLUE? You know how there are bright or light blue-eyed people. HAIR. BLONDE, HAIR RED, BROWN, BLACK… So that is HAIR. One more, CLOTHING. What type of clothing does he/she usually wear? So the last part is for EYES, HAIR, and CLOTHING. You need to understand that the order of description is used when describing people that are not in your sight. The person is over there and you can’t see that person. Somewhere in another room or a place far away. For that, use the order of description, because the first would be the biggest detail and gradually becoming smaller at the end. If you are talking about a person that you don’t know his/her name or who he/she is, then use the order of description. Then the other person would know who you are talking about. So that is when we use the order of description. If the person is here and you can see him or her there or sitting over there, you can just go ahead and tell the most obvious thing.

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