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Order of Description – Objects | ASL – American Sign Language

Object is signed like this, OBJECT. How do we describe objects? Suppose you want to describe objects, keep in mind that we have an order of description. Starting with the big idea, concept, what is really important, So for the first part, the major details then as you go through sequence, the smaller and more minor the details are. Okay, I’m going to explain the steps and expand each step, okay? When you see an object and/or want to describe the object, IF you know the name of it, what it is, then go ahead and name it. 1) NAME: What is it? 2) MATERIAL: What is it made of? What is inside of it? 3) COLOR: You know Deaf people are visual, so color is very important. 3) COLOR, okay? You could explain that you could SEE THROUGH or that it is CLEAR. 4) BASIC SHAPE(S): What is its overall shape, is it spherical? Cubic? Thin cylinder? Thick cylinder? There are different classifiers that you can use to describe shapes. That kind of classifier is called Descriptive Classifiers (DCL). These classifiers are the handshapes that describe the shape of objects, like if it is flat. Or if it is bumpy. Okay, so that is DCL. Then we narrow it down to the smaller things, which are details. Small things you would again use DCL, for the small things. If it has something like, for example, the handle on a cup for holding it. That is an example of detail. Other details might include words or letters on the object. Shirt with letters or words on the chest. So those are details. Now, for the last part, if we use that object, show how we handle it. ICL stands for Instrumental CL, which means how it is being used, handled, and what it is for. Okay, for example, if you have a radio, and it has a knob for volume, making it loud. It gets louder as you turn it. Or lower the volume. That is an example, turning the knob. Remote for TV has buttons to click, which is obvious. So that is ICL. Okay. First of all, the important thing is if you know the name of the object, then name it. Secondly, describe the material it is made of. Then the color. Oh, let me go back. Material, for example, is it made of wood, metal, glass, what is inside of it, rubber, or plastic? So anyway, now then color is described, then details, oh sorry, basic shapes using DCLs Then details, then how it is used. Use ICLs. Like drumming, dribbling, batting, and different ICLs you can use to show how it is used. Remember, what is important, what are the biggest details then narrow down to the smaller details. Okay? Good.

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