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Online Public Speaking Workshop : Avoiding Forced Gestures in Public Speaking

DON VARNEY: Hi, I’m Don Varney, founder of
Varney Speaks, and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The other thing that happens is a
forced gesture. It’s where you’re looking at your crowd and you’re trying to come up
with something that makes sense and you just can’t. You’re–it’s almost like you need to
go, “Uh!” And you have this almost robotic “I need to make a gesture.” And you do these
horrible, stiff, very unnatural movements, just so that you feel like you’re doing a
gesture. One of the best speakers I saw, and impacted me in such a way, basically, stood
with his hand in his left pocket most of the evening and only spoke with one hand using
it as an impactful gesture hand. And when he’d maxed and used that hand, you always
listen to that point. Other than that, it dropped down to his side and, although he
may be moving about the stage, he may be talking. Unless there was a reason, something that
needed to be impacted, that hand never moved from his side and this hand never left his

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  • awesome tip, i am not used to using my hands and this looks like the best bet for me 😀


    i have a presentation tomorrow, if i don't approve i won't graduate 😀

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