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Online Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies | Ashford University

[Dr. Tinianow]: I am Dan Tinianow, I am the
Program Chair of Communication Studies at Ashford University. Communication Studies
I think is a larger umbrella, we are talking about aspects of visual communication, but
also theoretical underpinnings of message theory, theories of persuasion. I think that
a lot of people have a fear of getting up in front of a group and speaking, and so the ability to take a public speaking course where you’re not actually in front of a class of
20 or 30 students, but you’re talking more one-on-one to a Web cam, or maybe your camera on your phone might help students who have that anxiety issue. We’re moving the entire program in the direction of addressing communication as it occurs in the 21st Century. It’s spoken communication, written communication, and communication through all these technologically-mediated means; social media, video and images, and even page layout and aspects of color. We’re trying to create an experience where students have exposure to all those aspects and see communication as more of a holistic process, rather than a kind of linear beginning to
middle to end of a message process.

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