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One-Minute Fix: DISCUSS vs SOMETIMES in American Sign Language

Recently, someone asked me about the sign
DISCUSS and how it’s different from SOMETIMES. What is the difference? They
look the same… “Discuss” is signed: DISCUSS. It’s the “1” handshape going straight down on the opposite palm. Up and down. DISCUSS. And you can also sign it moving between people: DISCUSS. So that index finger just
goes up and down. SOMETIMES. See that the index finger goes in a circular movement? SOMETIMES. SOMETIMES. So from head on, they look very similar. SOMETIMES, and DISCUSS. SOMETIMES. See that circular movement? SOMETIMES. “Sometimes we discuss!” SOMETIMES. DISCUSS. Thank you so much for watching! If you
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  • Thank you for your videos. I started ASL last week, and I'm already having simple conversations with some deaf people I have met. First time I watched one with the volume on – I went "Woah! There's a voice!" haha

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