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On The Cati: Day 8 – Sport Venues & Gesture/IS

Hello! It has been good
to see people use the hashtag to
communicate with us. One person asked: If
a hearing person uses gestures to communicate with a Deaf person,
is that international sign? No, I do not
think so. Gestures and International Sign (IS)
are in two different categories. Using gestures is for
basic communication, and has no depth for communication. International Sign has more
depth, structure, and use of languages. It is a
mixture of different countries’ languages for more effective communication. For example, we have
our own sign languages from our countries, and we know our rules for
communication and how to connect visual images to
communication. Although our language might
be different, we know how to translate concepts into visual
ways to connect and communicate with others. If a person does
not know sign language, it becomes more challenging to
express visual concepts. It does not matter
if you are Deaf or hearing–if you know sign
language, it is easier to be flexible in finding different visual
ways to communicate. Gestures is different because
it is limited in comparison to IS. IS
makes concepts visual and then expresses them– it
connects by sharing the same visual foundation.
IS also portrays action in 3-D, connecting
the signer to the signs. We use a lot of International
Sign at different sport venues. That makes me think
of the buildings for different sports. Some are still uncompleted on
the outside, but the inside is good. My favorite is the stadium
for the Opening Ceremony. It is huge! and inspiring. I am just bummed
that there are no actual Deaflympics games there. Do you have any favorites? Yes, I have two. First is the stadium
with the picture of the famous wrestler, Yaşar Doğu,
on the front. I went in,
expecting a wrestling stadium, but instead it
is a beautiful basketball stadium. The seats there are colorful,
making a beautiful impression. The second favorite is the wrestling stadium
far from us (Samsun). I learned more about wrestling for an interview–
before I did not know much–so watching the wrestling matches had a
deeper connection for me. Turkey’s pride in
wrestling is inspiring for me. Oh– my favorite
is the Shooting arena. It was my first time
ever seeing one. The venue is new,
and you can smell the fresh wood. People line up
25 m from the targets and shoot, the
sound and vibration reverberating through the space,
which I enjoyed feeling. Overall, yes– the sport
venues are spread out… a bit far
away from each other– but the insides
of the venues are ready, good, and of Olympic
quality. If you have any
other questions, you can ask H3WorldTv by using the
hashtag #H3OnTheCati ! Bye!

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