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Odissi Indian Dance : Odissi Dancing: Hand Gestures

In this clip, I’m going to talk to you about
hand gestures or Mudras. In Odissi, again we draw our Mudras or hand gestures. As written
in the Natya shastra and the Abhinay Darpan. All the fingers are used to create postures
or gestures that tell a different aspect of the story. That we’re trying to tell, through
the dance. So the first few hand gestures, which are single hand gesture. Are the Asunyukt
Hastas. And these are Pathaka, Tree Pathaka, Ardha Pathaka, Kartari Mukha, Kartari Mukha,
Mayur, Ardha Chandra. Araal, Shukh Tunduka, Mushti, Shikhara, Kapitha, Katka Mukha, Katka
Mukha, Katka Mukha. Soochi, Chandra Kala, Prabhodika, Padma Kosha.

10 Replies to “Odissi Indian Dance : Odissi Dancing: Hand Gestures”

  • Ummm. That's not exactly how you do it. Tell you what. Go see your parents and ask about the birds and the bees. I know that's hard when you're a 45 year old bald fat man but hey. It's the only way you'll learn. Then come back and make another comment.

  • @syedhoq92 What does the showing of hand gestures have to do with some supposed Indian obsession with the bellybutton ? Classical Indian dance is way far removed from any erotic notion nowadays that your comment is irrelevant, impertinent and downright stupid. If you cannot respect Indian culture, do not bug us with your remarks. besides, it is raqs sharki that concentrates on the torso area.

  • This wonderful teacher reminds me of the Ballet Mistresses of my Youth.

    Seems to me that our dance teachers are the same all over the world! Grand, stern, serious a little intimidating. They are the keepers of the movements of our cultures. We, their humble students, fear them, respect them and love them.

  • I wish I knew what the actual gesturers mean though in the story telling, thankyou all the same=)

  • this was very helpful i study at upsana and i have to know asanjukta hasta mudras, sanjukta hasta mudras, griba bhedas, shira bhedas, dristi bhedas, and pad bhedas

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