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Numbers Adventure 1 to 80 | Numbers Song | Learn Numbers | Preschool Song | Bottle Squad kids TV

Be strong be brave be smart the kind
solving problems we don’t mind we are close to spend you’ll ever find guys I found a note it says an adventure
awaits you babies today using your brains with fun and play 1 through 100
you learns accounts day by day you learn a certain amount you will be given a
clue for starts then you’ll find a riddle
so use your smarts your force riddle and your clue at the end of surprise for you
finish your surprise numbers just what I love here’s the riddle and something
that gets inflated but I’m not a tire and when I’m filled with helium let go
and I thought higher and higher the clue barkis doghouse something that gets
inflated but I’m not a tire and when I’m filled with helium let go and I slept
higher and higher hmm I wonder what that could be
guys a balloon it gets inflated just like a tire and when they’re filled with
helium they flow only super smarts to think oh well we do have some balloons
left from Buzzy’s birthday nothing’s too heavy for me why don’t you guys go to
Barney’s doggie house and I will join you there okay got it thanks y’all Blake
maybe we should count them when we sell them with helium yeah yeah oh one two three four five six seven eight nine ten great
counting Bethenny let’s all count with Bethenny hmm
guys look there’s a metal hook for the balloons I think we need to attach it
there I’m usually white but not a sheet of
paper dogs have rubber toys of me not rubber balls but greater oh oh boy we
have to dig up his rubber bones how many do you think there are I don’t know but
I do know we need to count starting at 11 we need to keep track of where we are
from 1 to 100 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 well it seems like that’s where our next
riddle is yeah but it’s late plates ready we should call it a day more fun
in numbers tomorrow same time same place we should get all of our bones and
balloons back to the mission center I want to see our progress create yeah let’s everyone have at it boy bottle squad be strong be brave be smart
kind something problems we don’t mind we are close to sponge Oh Emperor fine good morning babies are you ready for
part two of the numbers adventure yes color righty then have fun counting
21 for 40 guys look a new riddle these things are made of metal
you might have many or single if you give them a good shape they make a
lovely jingle jingle yeah but how can you have mini or single of Santa’s
sleigh oh yeah wait you’re right back up oh well almost it’s not finished Lea but
what’s funniest play guys it’s babbles caller great job in her colors are all
over the place let’s split up and look for them good
idea I can’t believe this because you can
have them done yeah baby one news for flight especially on birds I’m the
lightest of things except for in the pillow room where are the babies
these guys look here this is different first my colors no this is my beautiful
coat it is a bear whoa there’s some pretty emission Center
too captain I know I don’t like waiting either all
right so we ended on 30 with the collars so we start with 31 after 35 there’s 36
37 38 39 it looks like my super smarts are
contagious together 21 Thank You 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
32 33 34 35 I think it’s your turn to get your things taken looks like bosnia’s found our next clue tomorrow shall we squat be strong be brave be smart the
kind solving problems we don’t mind we are close to spend you’ll ever find good morning babies today watches part
three of our numbers adventure I’m so excited – I’m excited my things get left
a little yeah beat you now the riddles spaced across Fozzie’s milk cartons
you’ll find that there’s 41 350 leave it to Bazzi to drink ten cartons of milk in
a day 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 Fozzie we aren’t taking them forever you can
have them back once we’re done I didn’t finish my milk
you can have the rest if we can borrow your milk cartons just bourbon how’s
that sound they do keep their word Fozzie Bear let’s make sure they’re in the right
order yeah where’s the next riddle I think I
know they’re what makes a rainbow but not the
colors own pocket we use at school and at home we need to go to the classroom I do and fly Bethenny crayons they’re
the colors in the rainbow that we can use at school and at home even though
our school is in our home it has to be here somewhere Fozzy buzzy
there’s the first carton of milk in the kitchen if you want it that was very
clever bethany here’s our pocket rainbow do you think it’s in the box only one
way to find out well here are numbers let’s get them looks like a clue
it just says rainbow rapping it has to be talking about the rainbow crayon
maybe the next riddle is on the inner side of that rapping 136 ate more than
halfway through with this next ripple another adventure awaits you your last
furry friend Plus this veggie that doesn’t cost too much money speaking of veggies it’s time for dinner
Thanks right it sounds great 41 42 49 51 52 53 54 55 yes we’ll search more
tomorrow same time same place we don’t give up
that’s our Baba promise see you bottle squad be strong be brave be smart
the kind solving problems we don’t mind we are closest friends you’ll ever find well good morning mr. Sun why is he
always so bright today let’s go our clue was 136 tea more than halfway through
with this next riddle an adventure awaits you you lass furry friends loves
this veggie that doesn’t cost too much money
oh dear oh boy well as long as it’s not our favorite one that she’s leaving with
I have a feeling we’ll need it let’s start with her other carrot dolls it
should be around the classroom let’s look for them before she gets up
we should power up the orange one I think we might need it
let’s get our little caper down here to thought sewer hey I told you it’s about
time they took your things so I think you figured it out huh really need it
for a moment to count Beansie girl it’ll be back to you by the end of the day
promise thank you so we ended on 60 yesterday which means
we start with 61 right yep 62 63 64 great helps me when I’m down
I figured you could use it Hey look there’s a pocket inner carrot be super
careful congratulations on corralling your friends to give you their favorite
items that lend now for another challenging feat a musical item that
gives a beat yes for marching bands for a football game or used on a stage for
fame okay a beat like a cowbell huh a job keeps the beat oh yeah
then where’s your toy drum it’s somewhere in here I love to buy the
Cubbies Oh found the drumsticks Bucky you think you could throw it where the
drama siding let’s see what Bucky I think he wants me to fight the loud
bucket oh I hid it in the bottom drawer of the dresser over there why’d you hide
it I have sensitive ears you know the lad bucket hurts them well I found the drum and then some we’ve been doing all their accounting do
you guys want to count this one together yeah let’s head back to mission center
to see our progress all right ready ready break I think she made a quick
stop in the baby boot camp to do a quick workout to power up her money
she’s really getting into this counting great work Blake let’s see you’ve almost
made it babies that’s super great but now you’ll need to lift some super
weight you’ll climb the monkey bars and run the treadmill you’ll have to conquer
the boot camp the whole drill sounds like honey – I got some pretty sleepy
let’s recap before we go to bed yeah good job guys we make a great team
and so do our little capers your bean see girl thank you for lending it to us

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