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Nuclear Bomb Attack on Hiroshima & Nagasaki Japan

Hello everyone! Do you all think that Indian politics is detrimental? Well I think, No. People are living quite peacefully and life is easy. Long long ago, we had World War-I. Was it dangerous or not so? Well I think, it was the most dangerous battle which resulted in severe consequences. Then we had WorldWar-II. It was not only disastrous but also it was the most threatening battle fought between America and Japan. Now I will tell you the history of World War-II. Do you all know? A long time ago in the past we had World War-I. This was between Germany, a country of Europe which was led by Adolf Hitler and North America. It was from 1914 to 1918. And World War-II was a battle between America and Japan. The story which I am going to talk about is related to World War-II. The war took place in the year 1942. During that time, America had support of China and the United Kingdom. They joined hands to build a powerful army. On the other hand, Japan had no allies and fought alone. The war began with the release of missiles, blasting bombs and various destructive weapons were used. It affected 67 cities of Japan. The massive attacks of destructive weapons created disaster which reduced Japan to just two cities. Here is the picture of these two places Hiroshima and Nagasaki The armed forces of these two places were very powerful. America fumed and wanted Japan to surrender themselves. Whereas, Japan refused to surrender even after the terrifying warning. As a result of the refusal, America then began to plan for a complete destruction of Japan. After doing various research and experiments they created a nuclear bomb. America was ready with their plan for a mass destruction. It was a normal day in Japan. Everybody was engaged in their day to
day activities without expecting a tragic moment. At the same time, America was planning for a bomb attack on Japan. And they targeted Hiroshima. In the early morning, the US aircraft flew towards the skies of Japan on 6th August 1945. It flew at its highest altitude. People noticed the aircraft at a distance and presumed that it was just an aircraft. It is known a sight of too many aircraft at a time is a sign of war. They knew how to take cover to protect
themselves from the attack. A single aircraft did not mean much. Within that aircraft there was a huge nuclear bomb The bomb was engineered to trigger off within forty-five seconds of release. It would explode it in a couple of seconds. The aircraft released the bomb in the skies of Japan before it reached the land. The bomb triggered a chemical reaction as it was engineered. And within few seconds, it exploded. It caused blinding destruction all around. It swept away life and buildings, houses turning them to nothing. Each and every being was affected from this terrible disaster. The pilots of the plane were stunned to see the massive damage they had done. The whole area of Hiroshima was greatly affected. It was immediately flattened. Each and every structure was completely destroyed. It was such a great loss. The second bomb blast at Nagasaki had occurred on 9th August 1945. On that day, an aircraft again released a nuclear bomb which was similar to the bomb previously exploded on Hiroshima. This again resulted in a massive destruction. Nagasaki was completely destroyed. The nuclear bomb released from the aircraft. Let me tell you some more details of the nuclear bomb released from the aircraft. Was the size of the bomb small? No. It was a huge bomb which was ten feet long and three feet wide. The nuclear bomb was made of various kinds of gases chemical substances and destructive elements. The weight of this nuclear bomb was 4 kg and 400 grams. It was a very powerful weapon. There are various effects of nuclear explosion. Let me tell you some major effects. 1. Nuclear sickness. 2. Radiation effect and large amount of hair loss. 3. Malnutrition, due to which bones of humans and animals were visible. It also cause deterioration of muscles. 4. Poor environmental condition in the area which caused poor health condition, barren land due to degradation of soil fertility plantation became not possible. 5. Burns of different degree. This effects on various parts of the body. The degree of burn varied from person to person. 6. Continuous bleeding and blood poisoning which can be caused at any time from any part of the body. During nuclear explosion several buildings were burnt and turned into ashes. Natural habitats were destroyed, human beings were killed and crushed against stones and aquatic animals were also affected. This was a severe loss. The physical damage was over 70%. After this massive blast and destruction, only few people have been rescued and saved. Injured people were taken for treatment. Nuclear bombing effect was widespread because the bomb was made of poisonous gases and toxic chemical substances which created sickness in large amount This impacted the later generations as well with various deformities from birth. This constituted 30% of survivors of the
bomb attack. Now you all have seen the history of World War-II. What do you all think after knowing this? Was it disastrous or not? I personally feel that it was extremely terrible. Today Japan is a well developed country due to the efforts and hard work of its people. Earlier, the cities were completely wiped
off by the blast. We all sincerely pay respect to the martyrs And also the previous president of America Barack Obama visited the place where the disastrous incident happened and paid homage to all the martyrs. Similarly, all the people pay respect and remember them.

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