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Noun-Verb Pairs | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello! In ASL when you sign, you will see that some of the signs’ movement will show whether it is one of these two: a person, object, or place, namely the noun category or the second category consisting of actions which are verbs. If you look at the signs closely, you will know which category it belongs to. The signs in the category of nouns will have short repeated movements. While on the other hand, the verbs typically have one big movement. Now, for example DOOR
(noun) OPEN-DOOR
(verb) BOOK
(noun) OPEN-BOOK
(verb) CHAIR
(noun) SIT
(noun) WRITE
(verb) ERASER
(noun) ERASER
(verb) SCISSOR
(noun) CUT
(verb) PHONE
(noun) This is for hearing people who use phones. CALL-HIM/HER
(verb) CALL-ME
(the Deaf way using TTY) CAR
(verb) PLANE
(noun) FLY-THERE
(verb) FLY-HERE
(verb) You can see the difference between these two groups of signs. The nouns usually have small repeated movements like PLANE, PHONE, DOOR, CHAIR, and BOOK. That is for the group of nouns. Now, as for verbs, these typically have a bigger movement that happens once. Like OPEN-DOOR, CLOSE-DOOR, SIT, CLOSE-BOOK, FLY-THERE, and DRIVE-THERE. You can see the difference between these two categories of signs and identify which is which. Whether it is a part of the group of people, objects, and places. Or if it is a part of the group of actions which are verbs. You would know if the sign is a noun or verb by its movement. Ok good. ASL THAT!

6 Replies to “Noun-Verb Pairs | ASL – American Sign Language”

  • Thank you so much for your videos, I started taking ASL classes 3 months ago and started watching your vids since, they have helped me learn more. With your videos, I go more prepared to my asl class and learn additional words/phrases. One suggestion, maybe put subtitles for those of us beginners, please? 🙏🏽

    Thank you very much!

  • Love your videos. I have some questions for you. When signing with implanted/hearing aid preschoolers do you suggest I (the terp) i slow down my signing? In other words don't sign at the same speed i do for adults. also, do you think we (other ed. terps) should be making or using Signed English signs for everything so we don't fingerspell to 4 year olds? I can see the pros and cons. but i feel that we should have a transition plan in place of when to teach them the real ASL signs. there has been talk about how they can't be expected to fingerspell at 4 because of fine motor skills development. i feel strange making up signs for the months, and using S when signing square, and T for triangle. i can't say much more on open forum but would really like your feedback.

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