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NOTICE | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello everyone! Good morning! You notice that? I want to share something. I just made a call via videophone. The video interpreter (VI) was signing to me what was being said. I was listening and then I noticed an error. [Video Interpreter] He said sorry for the short notice. I was like, “Short notice?” Is that how it is signed? The concept that the person was trying to use was not the same as the concept that was signed. So it was erratic. So when I looked at it, I had a better suggestion for “short notice.” It should be signed like this (sign). THAT. So, its better not to use the conceptually inaccurate interpretation of SHORT NOTICE, but rather use this accurate rendition. Use facial expression to show the urgency of the “short” in SHORT NOTICE. SHORT NOTICE. Also, there’s another example. You know sometimes, how some people would receive a notice on their door.

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  • I love your videos! I found out I'm going to be a grandmother, and the first thing I bought was a book named 300 first signs for baby.

  • So… notice really has to do with the idea of how it is being used? IE, final-notice, notice being the point of "providing said information", you signed last-on. Is this to say that on can be used just because it's more specific than literally noticing it with your eyes like it's the first time you've noticed it….last-notice would be like, well you didn't literally just-now notice this but it has been noted, it's like a filler word at that point, to establish that it has already been noticed…..sorry, I'm just curious why last-on was used. It's more accurate in meaning.

  • I am an interpreter and have "noticed" ; ) how many English intrusions are still making their way into my interpretations. These shorts videos are invaluable. Thank you!

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