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Not Deaf Enough | ASL Rant

Hey! So I want to discuss Deaf Culture Specifically about Deaf Culture.. Deaf pride Deaf pride means mostly.. “Hey! I am so proud of my language!” “I am so proud of my community!” If you identify as culturally deaf.. THATS FINE! My problem is that I am not 100% deaf I am also not 100% hearing either For example, I have a hearing aid, I talk and listen and I’m fine My family raised me basically hearing At a hearing school, in a mostly hearing community I didnt know about deaf culture until my Freshman year of high school! Freshman year, I noticed a huge wealth of deaf people in the world. Cool right? As time went on, I noticed not all deaf people accept kids like me. Meaning, not all deaf people accept mainstramed kids like myself Really?! Deaf people.. PSA! ACCEPT *ME* ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME! if you say “all deaf people are deaf!” Accept people that are not involved in the deaf community. Please?

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