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Non-Verbal Communication Tools : Non-Verbal Communication: Regulators

Alright, now I want to talk about Regulators.
And I brought this up just a little bit earlier on, what regulators are, are the way that
you manipulate conversations. They are the things, all the things that you do with your
body, your face, to let people know how the conversation is going. I talked about this
earlier, the hand gesture that represents, “wait a minute, I’m not finished”. This can
also be head nod, you’re having conversation with someone and you’re not saying, “I agree
with you”, you don’t have to, you’re nodding your head. Or maybe you’re crossing your arms
because you’re getting ready to go into an argument. Perhaps you look away because you
can’t believe what somebody just said to you. Those regulators let the person know that
you’re having a conversation with, how you’re feeling about the conversation without saying
anything. They can also regulate the pace of the conversation. Conversations are about
turn taking. So it’s about, “okay, tell me what do you think”? Or “hold on a minute,
let me tell you, let me finish telling you what I think”. Or, “let me think about that
for a minute”. So they are natural thing that everyone does, and they actually enhance the
communication process because they are another way in which people can know how the conversation
is going. So I encourage you to use regulators if you done already.

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