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Non-Verbal Communication Tools : Non-Verbal Communication: Adapters

Okay, now let’s talk about adaptors. And adapters
are things that you do physically, to make yourself feel better. Some of them can be
in relation to yourself. Like, rubbing your forehead, “I’m really stressed out, I’ve got
a headache. I’m going to do this”. Now, does that really make the headache go away, well,
I’m not sure, but it makes you feel better. Same thing for scratching, same thing for
rubbing hands together. They are things that you do. Sometimes, these are habitual things,
like people that play with their hair. That makes them feel better. That is an, that’s
an adaptor. Another thing that we do which is really interesting is called object adapting
and this is where we have to have objects in our environment in a certain way in order
to be okay. For example, if I picked up my purse right now, and put it over my shoulder,
“Wait a minute, that doesn’t work, because I never carry my purse on this side”. So I
have to switch it over here. I am manipulating an object, moving it around so that I can
feel better. And people do this with other people’s stuff as well and we’re going to
talk about that a little bit later on when we start talking about objects. But it’s adapting
so that you feel okay.

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