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Non Verbal Communication Skills for Conversations

Jumping into an ongoing conversation can be
difficult for some people. We’re going to look at three nonverbal ways
that you can create a little space that will allow you to jump in. My name is Alex Lyon and I’m here to provide
professional development tips that you can use at your very next meeting. So conversation is flowing along its busy
and you’re having trouble jumping in. Here three ways that you can make a little
space for yourself so you can give your verbal contribution. The first is to hold up the one finger. It’s not a full hand raise. That looks a little young. But usually the one finger, people will start
notice that hey, I’ve got a point to make. And that will create a little bit of space. It’s like a little place holder like I’m not
talking right now but I want to jump in in a moment. A lot of times the people facilitating the
meeting will say, oh, Alex. I see you’re trying to make a point. What did you have to say? The second way is to lean forward just a little
bit and audibly inhale it looks like this. And it might sound goofy but this is what
people naturally do when they’re about to speak. They lean forward and they inhale. I did this once just kind of playing around
with some people I knew very well and they instantly looked over at me and waited for
me to say something. And it create a real space for me to make
my verbal contribution. And a third way is to look directly at the
person who is currently speaking, nod a little extra, and make a kind of utterance. You don’t to say actual words but make some
sounds like uh hm, oh, uh huh. And as they’re finishing off their comment
you already are on the on ramp to make your comment. It creates a little bit of space for you to
then make your verbal contribution. So these are three ways you can nonverbally
jump into discussion. I hope you get to use these tips at your very
next meeting.

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