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No Facial Expression Challenge ┃ ASL Stew Life

[JI] Hello, I’m Jill.. [JE] …and I’m Jenna.
Welcome to ASL Stew Life. (♪♪♪… cat meow) [JE] So, today we’re doing the no facial expressions challenge. [JI] You smirked. [JE] I’m gonna watch you. [JI] Yeah, I’m gonna fail. I’ll definitely fail, 100%. [JE] We’ll see who fails… doesn’t fail the longest. [JI] Yeah, who fails the least. (laughs) [JE] Okay, so what we’ll do is we’ll make up some sort of story or something and I have a stopwatch here for up to 30 seconds. Plus we’ll have the other person watching to see if there are any facial expressions and you’re out! [JI] You know we can blink. Some people say “you blinked” but people blink. [JE] Right, that’s not a facial expression in my opinion, it’s just a natural thing. It’s important you dont’ move your eyebrows, your cheeks, or your mouth. Do anything, your ears. None of that. [JI] I can’t move my ears! [JE] Some people can. [JI] Well I can’t do that. Falkor is here. [JE] Falkor wants to join in the facial expressions. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Today I’m going to talk about how to make green bean casserole. …casserole (slowly). What? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Toda… I can’t do it! I fail! 3, 2, 1 Today I’m going to talk about how to make green bean casserole. First you look at the PETA website for the vegan version of green bean casserole. Then you need to make a roux. That means butter and….. flour. Then you stir it… Ahhhh dang it! Better? Ohhh 29! Ohhhh…. 29. Third time 29 seconds (baa). 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I had a good weekend on Saturday. My wife and I went to NTID’s theater to watch Peter Cook. He’s a famous Deaf poet. He works with his best friend Kenny Lerner. Kenny is hearing. Peter is Deaf. They both use sign langauge and spoken voice at the same time to tell different stories. Some potlitical, some humor, some Valentine’s. I laughed to hard. Wow it was a good time. Yay! First time! [JI] This is crap! This is crap! [JE] I’m amazing. [JI] I got 29 seconds, that’s good! [JE] Yeah, on your third time. [JI] Yeah, but I’m more expressive than you anyways. [JE] I’m just awesome! I won like always. Okay, as you saw it’s hard! She’s really good because she has no emotions at all. She’s dead inside. So, now we want to see you guys do the challenge. Film yourself, upload it to Youtube. Hashtag us, #ASLStewnofacialexpressionchallenge. Send it on Twitter, Instagram, or something but let us know. Or leave a comment with your video so we can see it. Facebook or whatever. Just hashtag us or mention us so we can see it. [JE] Yep, we look forward to seeing them. [JI] Yeah, if you fail like me, that’s okay. That just means you are an emotional person and you’re alive inside, unlike her. Okay so if you’ve enjoyed the video, click LIKE and what else should they do? [JE] Umm…. uh subscribe!
[JI] Subscribe. Subscribe! Do it. If you want to provide support for us you can take a look at our Patreon page, give some coffee money, or go to our Youtube and click the link! We really appreciate it. We’ll see you in the next video. Bye! (♪♪♪)

16 Replies to “No Facial Expression Challenge ┃ ASL Stew Life”

  • Haha Jill you can win the next challenge, I believe in you Jill .. and Jenna is like my girlfriend lol. She show no emotion either!! Lol. I like you I love to be expressive too 😂❤️❤️😂

  • Does the challenge still count if you're learning ASL? When you're learning ASL, the challenge is to use more facial expressions, not less!

  • should the challenge be in sign language or is speaking ok? i canʻt even fingerspell (yet) but iʻm good in keeping expressionless face irl (usually on purpose too since i donʻt see others expressiins i donʻt want to show mine)

  • I fail so bad… I am over expressive specially when I'm signing stories to my husband.. so much failure

  • Lol no Jenna is failed because I caught her lips is moved by little glitch when she said "ntid show to watch Peter Cook" (but her lips move when she said show to watch) and again when she said about him and his best friend who signing and voice same at time (that part her lips move when she said) "expressed funny story". So she didn't passed.. lol Eyes like hawk!

  • omg it's so hard understanding ASL without expression. I was staring at your hands so hard and still lost hahaha well done

  • LOL I so don't think I could do this one; my husband jokes that you can watch my moods move across my face (I am bipolar after all ). To him, it seems that moods show up on my face too fast for me to even acknowledge them. Jill, you were too funny joking about Jenna in this one.

  • Can you come visit FSDB means Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, please? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😣😣😣

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