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Nick Sandmann Speaks Out On Viral Encounter With Nathan Phillips | TODAY

100 Replies to “Nick Sandmann Speaks Out On Viral Encounter With Nathan Phillips | TODAY”

  • As a foreigner seeing this.. on neutral ground.. Mr Phillips is the aggressor…he walked right into the boys…when someone turns on you..and drums in your face..that's an act of aggression..I think it's about the hat..and the other one is a native American…so the media chose sides.. shameful

  • There’s nothing wrong with her questions, they weren’t an attack on Nick Sandmann, I think they were good questions that allowed people to make there own decisions, quit being snowflake about it

  • He sure looks a lot different .You Demons put a spin on everything.Thats why you ABNORMAL,RECESSIVE GENE,DEMON,HERETIC, DENERATES are dying out..Nature correcting its mistakes .Always remember now days all your trailer trash snow bunnies love having them mixed black babies………SO long Demons.

  • Shes saying do you see how that could be seen as threatening whilst completely changing the subject when he told her his life has been threatened 🤨

  • He might be an innocent kid. It seems more likely that he is a white supremacist in-training considering why he was there and how many confrontations he had that day. Stay with the catholic priests at your school, they will protect you…by using protection.

  • He's just an ignorant boy. He doesn't stand for anything. And yes, that Maga hat stands for build the wall. The kid is very well spoken, though.

  • Poor kid, what the media did to this young boy is awful. This woman should be ashamed of herself for the hand she played in the scandal.

  • What I see is a bunch of ignorant people, the kids, the Hebrews, and the Native Indians. Racism is no other than ignorance, we are all equal, we all have the same right to be here, once more giving attention to something that just creates separation. Sad world

  • Can’t believe she tried to encourage an apology. Wtf for!! This world is totally hysterical . The guy was beating a drum in his face . He handled that well and the interview even better

  • This kid looked as if a gun were being held to his head. looked as if he said the wrong word or even looked an inch in the wrong direction they were gonna pull the trigger. you gonna rewatch this with that in mind, its insane

  • This kid: is attacked for smiling
    Liberals: Ok
    Greta Thunberg: Makes the conscious decision to be an activist and gets criticism
    Liberals: How terrible!

  • 12 signs someone is lying to you

    Number 10 – They stare at you without blinking too much

  • The media is the enemy of ALL people. What a disgusting profession. Imagine knowingly lying and skewing reality all the while living a lie and calling yourself a journalist. Absolutely disgraceful. These talking heads children will have to change their names and leave the US to escape the shame their parents have heaped on their family name.

  • To Savannah Guthrie and your producers. I hope you all feel ashamed someday looking back at this entire event, and your ‘interview’ here. You are not on the correct side of history, nor are you real journalists.

  • Hey Savannah,. This is what hostile standing and disrespect towards elders looks like
    You should be ashamed of yourselves

  • Never not stand your ground…no matter what! If we continue to allow people to label us and slander who we are without one shred of factual evidence then our American culture will be no more. We are at war with these groups of racist, fascist and angry people. Stand your ground and fight back…that's been ingrained in most Americans since this country was formed.

  • Her face looks like that result you get when you edit a person’s eyes and mouth upside down. Probably due to her constant look of disgust

  • "After a review of the videos, NBC could not hear anyone shouting to build the wall"

    Do your homework NBC, the black israelites were shouting that. Very convenient that this was overlooked.

  • Kid you did good he walked up to you you didn't walk up to him and then he lied this lady is part of the fake news what wood the wall have anything to do with him he's Native American not Mexican this whole thing was a big mess made buy fake news I'm glad they're all being sued I hope they sue that Indian two cuz he's a liar

  • Yeah that's very threatening a bunch of kids waiting for a bus I drive by kids all the time waiting for a bus very frightening the other day it was about an 8 year old girl waiting for the bus terrifying I didn't know how I was going to get through the rest of my day

  • kids did nothing wrong. The black hebrew israelites are always antagonizing people. They are crazy. The Native guy said he was trying to diffuse the tension, but when does getting up in someones face and beating a drum relax the tensions? Never.

  • I’ve seen mr Phillips in other videos. He’s a trouble maker period. The whole left is so brainwashed it’s pathetic. Who cares if we build a wall, you lock your door to your house at night right? Mexico is a nation in chaos let alone corrupt, its way too easy for evil to sneak in with immigrants.

  • No 16 year old kid should be put in a position to justify himself after such circumstances. Shame on the adults who bashed and insulted him just after a 1 minute video was released as if it was the absolute truth. I’m not religious, I’m a liberal and I’m pro-choice but I think that this young man was the victim of an easy witch-hunt. His only “mistake” was to be a the wrong place at the wrong time and to be abused by dishonest adults. Shame on them.

  • What's wrong with shouting "build the wall?" I'm a grandmother and I would be shouting it all over the place if I knew crazy people wouldn't try to hurt me!

  • He is clearly smirking at Mr. Phillips. Now he is back pedeling because he is being interviewed on national tv.. Typical racist offspring hiding behind the propaganda term of patriotism!.. Btw, this type black isrealite movement is so racist too, just like the kkk.

  • She seems to want to put it on the children . Not a good interviewer at all.The old indian guy is lying.Aah just got to the end of the vid . Who she is sitting next to makes it ALL clear to me . That RACIST AHOLE Lemon.So by association SHE CANNOT be a good person.

  • Is she serious?? Is the today show really calling this journalism? “ There were more of you than there were of them..” LADY!!!! It was a group of adults yelling profanities and encroaching on where students were waiting for their bus. This is INSANE

  • It's not over yet….10/2019
    "On Monday, a federal judge reversed his own ruling by partially reopening the Covington Catholic High School student's $250 million defamation lawsuit over the media's coverage of his confrontation with a Native American protester in Washington, D.C. earlier this year." Savannah Guthrie trying her hardest to manipulate a 16-year-old kid…is a sad day for NBC.

  • Good savannah, leftist garbage “ journalist” .. oh yea, blame the hat and Nick ! A Disgusting interview with idiotic leading questions only designed to make Sandman look bad. No surprise coming from trash network NBC!! Any amount of respect people had for Guthrie is now gone.

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  • Western society is being destroyed by a small group of insane far left Jews whose irrational philosophy is being enabled by the zionist owned and controlled media. Read Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique to understand whats going on.

  • The MAGA teens were acting more grown up and polite and PC than the adults. Thats why a private,Catholic school education is so expensive.

  • Hey NBC, do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology? Do you see your own fault, in any way?

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