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[NEW HERO – COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

Gravity… Gravity is a harness. My entire career has been devoted
to this idea… to this moment. Decades! If the unifying theories are correct we will soon be able to harness
the power of a black hole! Nothing will ever be the same. Why? This is wrong!
The field is failing! What happened? Where am I? Why am I being imprisoned? Release me! What is that melody? Hold it together, hold it together
hold it together! Density… mass… momentum…
It is too- It’s too much to hold onto. I will bring you a new understanding
of the universe… -Violence! The universe
is singing to me! What is that melody!? Freedom… Imprisonment… It’s all an illusion. Gravity is a harness. I have harnessed the harness. Try to hold it together.

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