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How To Learn Sign Language

New approach to learn a language – Language Surfing

Language Surfing is a teaching approach that we have designed with a friend who’s also a linguist that allows to teach the language through the use of the city spaces We begin with the assumption that everybody likes to learn To learn new things We want to teach not only the language -Spanish- but also to show our students around Barcelona It can be done at the same time. I like to engage my students, I don’t want them just to learn grammar because it’s really boring I prefer they learn colloquial Spanish, expressions, words And well… what could be better than going out get some fresh air outside the classroom and enjoy live, in the moment, in the beautiful Barcelona learn what Barcelona is all about this country, this city, this neighbourhood, this bar, this restaurant, this shop is like We can present in the classroom vocabulary about food and drinks, about how to order a meal in a bar how to ask for the bill And then we go to have breakfast and we practise using this vocabulary and the student gets to use the language, in authentic context Before the student starts the course, we prepare a personalised curriculum We ask our students what they would like to learn about what they’d like to know For instance: Well I’m fond of animals, I really like the beach and I’m into volleyball. Then we organise the course around these topics and use Barcelona as a classroom the city offers a lot of possibilities to do that As a result, a student is immersed in the language, local culture and good vibes throughout the course. Thank you, Language Surfing, for this Spanish course in Barcelona with Rebeca.

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