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Nelson Mandela Memorial Service Sign Language Fake | Eddie Griffin News #4

Welcome to another show of EGN. Eddie Griffin
News. Giving it to you straight, no chaser, coming from the hip.
Check this out. We lost a giant amongst the men. Nelson Mandela. He was a mans man. The
brother did long time, came out, and um, tried to move his country forward and you know.
Handled the job beautifully. They had a big memorial, there was a bunch of presidents
and prime ministers there. You know, Obama, and uh, the guy from Cuba and him shook hands.
I don’t know why that was a big deal. They shook hands. They right next to each other
ya know. But uh, they had a guy, who was doing the sign language. Ya know what I mean, to
try to let people know that need to know about signing, what was being said. Take a look… Come to find out, the dude ain’t signing nothing.
Don’t even know how to sing. I mean, they was talking about ya know, the brother is
ya know, going to rest, ya know what I mean. Good speed on your way to heaven. Dude was
telling him in sign language, the olympic trials is about to start and you know, Mandela
is the fastest, he’s 85 years old, take a look… Now how is Mandela in the olympics, who hired
this dude. Know what I mean. Nobody looked and said, this dude don’t know nothing about
signing. To whoever that fat round head brother was, I got sign language for you… I know
you understand that. That’s EGN news, giving it to you straight, no chaser. Gone

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