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Nelson Mandela memorial fake sign language interpreter – what he actually said – This is Genius

You came in like a wrecking ball Freshly chopped tomatoes, put them in hot
oil for around 15 minutes, fry them… Fry them in onions. Put the onions in and caramelise
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fa fa fa fa fa fa fa and a run run, run run run away, oh ho ho ho, ayayayaya. Cook the rice, put it on… In boiling water.
Turn it off and let it sim… Put the lid on. Help, I need somebody. Help, I need somebody.
Help, just any… just anybody.

100 Replies to “Nelson Mandela memorial fake sign language interpreter – what he actually said – This is Genius”

  • This is so freaking cool. This guy is BONKERS! Why does he referance the Beatles towards the end of his crazy escapade?

  • Wait is this video's translation meant to be a joke? Because nothing of the voice over matches even closely to what this man is signing. Granted, the man isn't interpreting the speech properly in the first place, the voice over is not doing his 6-7 accurate signs any justice.

  • Apart from this same joke, does anyone know what he ACTUALLY said? Was it just gibberish or a few random phrases over and over?

  • This is hilarious! It would have been even funnier if we had been told live on the air that this guy's sign language was fake or that no one could understand what he was saying. Now he deserves a caning. 

  • He's saying, "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together…stir fry for 15 minutes…Bird is the Word"

  • This has been the norm … We call it BEE ( Black economic empowerment) can you imagine the rest of the circus in the Corporate RSA

  • IMO, and what he said afterwords, He was just talking to the angels in angel sign! thanks to him we all know that there really were angels at the funeral, instead of just wondering if there were.

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  • LOL,..I knew this was so fake as soon as I saw it. I worked with actual sign interpreters. And usually they are found 1 or 2 days before an event. I guess the man lied his way through the door,..LOL. I have seen the same thing here in the United States. This guy pretended to be apart of the Arm Forces, during a television interview. I knew the guy was lying as soon as he spoke. The fake Vet actually started to cry. Crying against a wall of fallen soldiers' names.  LOL. Later the news finally investigated the guy and found  out he was completely lying. LOL. People can be so funny. and sometimes so ridiculous. I guess we all can. But, with something like this. They should have done an actual check. This man was next to all these heads of state.

  • I'd be a good idea to talk to some black people who left SA after apartheid was over.  What they say is VERY different from what the media says.  Most of us are aware that everything we hear is pure BS but get facts and details from those who lived it and had to get the hell out of there whether white or black. 

  • Now dem carmelized onions—I sliced me up a onion and melted a dozen o' dem lil caramels. It made a hail of a mess, and I ain't cleanin' it up, uh-unh!

  • He's actually not saying anything at all. Sign language doesn't just use signs with hands but also facial expressions. As you can see in the video, he uses no facial expressions.
    In the pass this man using "sign language" was charged with murder, kidnapping and other stuff. Why the hell is he next to two presidents?

  • Welcome to our world..this is just a tip of the iceberg as far as our "educated government members"are concern.not to mention all the scandal and corruption that occurred,but yet we all suck it up…..

  • In the US, American Sign Language (ASL) is very strict, interpreters are required to complete a certification program, possess at least a Bachelor degree, and must complete a written and sign examination. A contrast to sign language certifications in South Africa, where it's not legally required. A sign language expert at the (DFSA) Deaf Federation of South Africa, said the interpreter's flamboyant shenanigans are an appalling mockery that undermines the language, and the deaf community is outraged. (A silent irony) lol!
    Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st


  • This guy had a little bit of knowledge of sign language and later he realised that it was over him and could not cope with the situation and was crying for help, according to the interpreter in the clip. Question is who was behind all his appointment and why? May be he should be given a chance to get training instead of the public critisizing him. Let's learn as South Africans to build our nation rather that rejoicing from mistakes of others, we will not become a healthy nation.

  • This is typical of the ANC ruling South Africa. The ANC has used this guy before and there were complaints about him then but tru to their way of doing things they hired him again. No other requirements other than being blackis needed. Credentials, competence, skills and qualifications are of less importance. There are thousands of his kind in the South African Civil Service.

  • Your telling me 91 secret Service or equivalent agency's missed checking out this guy NOWAY !!!! Two feet away from the largest number of world leaders together in close area together!!??!! Theres something really strange about this !?!?!

  • THis is not Genius…its just retarded….ur not funny.. .whats actually funny is how this guy whos fake signing, got to stand shoulder to shoulder with world leaders faking this shit….the idiot british guy tallking is just trying to cash in,but dude, h8 to say it, ur seriously not funny…ur not monty python or ricky gervais ok…ur just lame

  • As a born and raised citizen, I must point out…
    This is not suprising and these "uneducated" events  happen a lot. I say this with emphasis…

    Like when Jacob Zuma claimed that showering after sex cures or prevents aids??
    Not laughing but I'm not suprised.

  • Guaranteed this fake interpreter will be referenced in the new season of the Boondocks, and i'll be disappointed if it isn't ,

  • He signed nonsense in order to catch people's attention. Cooking (nonsense), his problem mixed with gibberish, nonsense, then finally his REAL cry for help.

  • PhxAntrax: "The deaf community [will] never hear the
    end of this"

    Homeboy's like the coach in the video, "'MORE NFL'
    — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL": "Don't hoard cat
    food! Star Wars typhoon! You can joke all night, but
    no no kung fu! No more cartoons, no more kung fu!
    No no kung fu!"

  • Is it me or is there others out there who share with me a conspiracy that this man might be hired to make a joke. 

  • at my memorial i don t want this interpretor to do the sign language !!!!!!!!! i want ALF FROM THE PLANET MELMACK TO DO IT IN CLINGON  FROM THE VOLCAN PLANET !!!!!!!!

  • I'm not even S. African and this pissed me off!! World leaders and dignitaries from near and far at on of the most iconic figures in modern world history and you put this fool up there, smh. Somebody's head would roll after this ish here.

  • You know, everyone on here is freaking out about how disrespectful this man was towards the deaf community and I'm here freaking out that some fraudulent man is only feet away several Heads of State.

  • Is this guy giving out some of his own personal recipes?  Maybe he thought he was on a "Cooking Show."

  • I started to learn to sign and stopped the moment I discovered each country has its own versions of signing and it breaks down even worse in some places with some local areas even doing their own thing in places, I mean to say why bother to learn to sign when you can basically make it up as you go along and no one can object…..

    I was keen to lean to sign originally thinking it would be an internationally standard way to communicate…..just goes to show some people can bugger up even the most basic no brainier things!

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