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Negative Nonverbal Communication

Hello. Hi. Can I help you? Uh yes, I actually have a reservation for this weekend and… Hold on. What’s the last name? Valentine. Like the day? Yes, just like the holiday. It’s under Tuwatha? Ah yes, Daniel. All right we got you in a room with two double beds for two nights all right. Um actually, the kids stayed at home and it’s just me and the hubby, so we’re hoping to get like a kings sized bed? No, we don’t change rooms at the Severt Inn. Okay, I guess the double fine. We’ll just push them together, I guess. Um, can I ask what floor it’s on? The first. Is there any possible way we can get something with a better view? We’re just trying to something romantic. Alright, um we can do the fourth floor. Not quite what I was hoping, but okay. I guess that works just fine. Sure. Thanks anyway. Whatever. Alright, how many keys can we get for you? Two would be great. Two keys. Is there a Mr. Valentine? Yeah! So like a, one key for me, one key for you? One key for me. One for my husband. That would be nice. Alright, fine. Here’s two keys. That’s the room. Perfect. Anything else? We’re kind of hungry. We’ve been driving all day long and I’d love to something to eat. Do you know of any places we can go? Yeah, this is a list of restaurants we have. There’s a food court right over here. Great. It looks really… What kind of food do they have. It’s a four-star. They got a Romp Tavern, the Choy Chow Mein Chinese Food. It’s pretty good. Ok, um We’re gonna try to do some stuff in town you have a pamphlet with attractions, I’d like to do? You want me, to get you, a pamphlet of attractions? That would be great. Alright. Yes, please. Here’s a list. They got Old Town actually. That’s on Iskat Avenue. Okay that’s great. It’s out that way. Nice. Perfect. Can someone else with bags? My husband’s out there, probably struggling with it. Yeah. Someone will be right up. We’ll get someone down over there okay great thank you, so much. It’s so helpful. Yeah have a good day.

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