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How To Learn Sign Language

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams Teaching Baby Sign Language Before Speech.avi

Now to an increasingly popular form of communication for babies. A language that lets them talk to their parents
before they can even say words. Proponents suggest it may give children an edge later in life. Here is NBC News Chief Science Correspondent Robert Bazell. It’s the latest method for parents to
try to raise smarter, happier children. Teacher: This is the sign for…..girl. Several programs around the country offer
classes where parents and their infants who have normal hearing and no speech problems, learn American Sign Language when
they are still too young to say words. Teacher: What are you eating?…. Cracker. Etel Leit, who runs SignShine schools
for baby sign language in Los Angelos, says the program increases IQ and leads
to greater emotional stability later in life. Language comes the first day that they’re born. The parents usually wait until speech is developed enough, some kids at 12 months, some kids at 18 months. to be able to have a conversation. But many experts are skeptical of such claims although they say the programs can’t hurt. Our children just get joy about being in an environment where we’re sensitive to them and responsive to them. Can you share? Share. Leit insists that children can start to sign
to their parents as early as 8 months, So they can ask for things instead of crying. Do they sign specific words? Yes! For example they can sign,
if they want more. Grapes….or strawberries. If they’re frustrated…. or happy. The classes cost $180 for six sessions like this, or $125 for private lessons at home. And the parents we spoke to said they were enjoying it, hoping they were sending their kids
on an early step to a better life. Robert Bazell, NBC News, Los Angelos.

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