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Nancy Pelosi silences applause after Trump impeachment vote

The yays are 237.
The nays are 197. Present is one. Article 1 is adopted.
[bangs gavel] [clapping starts and stops abruptly] The question is on the adoption
of Article 2. Those in favour say aye.
[crowd says aye] Those opposed nay.
[crowd say no] The ayes have it, the ayes have it. As speaker of the House, I solemnly
and sadly opened the debate on the impeachment of the president
of the United States. If we do not act now, we would be derelict
in our duty. It is tragic that the president’s reckless
actions make impeachment necessary. He gave us no choice. Sadly, the American people have witnessed
further wrongs of the president, which necessitate the second article
of impeachment: obstruction of Congress. When the president’s wrongdoing
was revealed, he launched an unprecedented, indiscriminate
and categorical campaign of defiance and obstruction. Never before in the history of our nation
have we seen a president declare and act as if he is above the law. The president goes even so far as to say
and act on this absurdity when he says, ‘Article 2 says, I can do whatever I want.’ No, it doesn’t.

23 Replies to “Nancy Pelosi silences applause after Trump impeachment vote”

  • 'A sad day': Nancy Pelosi shuts down applause after impeachment vote ►

    Dry procedures and impassioned speeches preceded historic impeachment vote ►

  • Nancy Pelosi is a liar and corrupt phony. The Wicked Witch of the West Nancy Pelosi should get her hat and broom to fly home and start cleaning up her district of squalor that she represents.

  • Pelosi was placed there and backed by illuminati money, the Rothchild family, the people who print the money and the people who find satisfaction in cruelty. The demon cRats love to enslave the US populous. And they hate truth. If you dislike someone for standing for godly principles, simply empeach that person, it's that simple.

  • I am quite puzzle I thought Nancy Pelosi and the democrats didn't like Trump but they gave him a beautiful Christmas present by guaranteeing him a re election!!!!
    I sure hope that darn Trump calls you and thanks you!!!

  • Death to Polasi, death to all the democrats leadership because of their unspeakable evil acts against a nation and all humankind !!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes she was smirking….. Now let the never ending revenge and retribution begin… every president from either party for the next 25 years will be impeached or threatened.

  • This impeachment nonsense will backfire so hard on the Democrats. Whichever candidate they chose in the upcoming 2020 election will lose against Trump. No question about it! Trump will win in a landslide. As a European, born and living in Scandinavia, I simply can't understand what the hell the Democrats are thinking of…??? They are digging their own grave. Don't they see it? They will go down the toilette with this impeachment BS. American voters are not stupid, they realize what's going on here. And what has happened to the entire Democratic party..??? JFK must be spinning at 6,000 rpm in his grave… Shame on the Democrats in the congress. Shame on the mainstream media for not presenting the facts and the truth to the people.

  • If you slow down the video enough, you'll notice the smirk on her face right after she slams the gavel. Also, the "no"s for article 2 were at least twice as loud as the "Ayes"

  • Dear democrats, thanks for the horrendous lack of leadership, horrendous centrist policies, and horrendous lack of political courage over the last two decades. Without your bungling incompetence, we wouldn't have 45. I hold your party responsible for creating the conditions that made it possible for a buffoon like Trump to rise to power.

  • I hope you face a day in court for pushing a partisan motion forward and then to withhold it from the Senate, you are clearly playing politics

  • This person needs to go to a place for mom. She stutters when speaking she looks demented at 79 years old I don't think, since she works for the public, she should hold a important position like this. She is stuck in the 70s like the rest of these old people in Congress. She needs to go they are too old and have been around too long sitting all day doing nothing. They need to retire.

  • Your puppet masters are now demanding you work for your money, they paid you to betray your people and live beyond your salary, now your soul is theirs and regardless of the embarrassment you must do as you are told, shame! Shame ! Shame!

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