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NAD India News:- Recognise 23 Sept. 2018 as International Day of Sign Languages

Hi! I am A.S. Narayanan President of the National Association of the Deaf Now I tell you news. You know about the International Day of Sign Languages Declared by United Nations (UN), New York on 18 December 2017. I want to inform you that I met the government officials recently. I proposed that International Day of Sign Languages, 23 September for the Government to progress and take initiative on it. The government official said It is better to send letter regarding that to Prime Minister office, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and your State Chief Ministers and Department of Social Welfare. When all states give approval. Then it is possible for the Government will give recognition to 23rd September as International Day of Sign Languages. Now I request you all Deaf Indians to support your own sign language. You must accept and support this! I request you to use the ready-made letter in PDF and insert the address and name by self. Put the letter in envelope and send by speed post. Many letters will be received by PMO, MSJE and Chief Minister offices and Social Welfare Departments! You keep a copy with yourself and can decide send to NAD or not. Big pile of letters will gather quickly! Seeing so many letters, hoping that Government agrees to recognise 23rd September as International Day of Sign Languages. This year we get the approval. I request you all to support this. Hope you understand. Further, I tell that you can contact Member of Parliament (MP) in your states Meet the MP and request their support. We will meet the government official again and show them the many letters. Then the government will finally accept and give approval soon. Thank you for watching.

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