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Myo Gesture Control Armband | Living in the future

We are living in the future
and I can prove it because I’m wearing an armband
that allows me to control things just with my gesture. Look! I made a taxi go! OK. I didn’t, but I’ll show you how it works. The Myo Gesture Control Armband uses various sensors
to work out your muscles moving inside your arm. Inside here you’ve got metal pads, and the idea is you strap it
onto your lower arm like this, then it uses a gyroscope
and accelerometer to work out your movements,
even just tapping my fingers. Let’s see if it works. Today, I’ve got to give
a very important presentation. And normally I would use a little clicker
to move the slides forward and back. But oh no!
Today I’m Tony Stark. I’m going to use my fingers. Look. I can move the slides forward. I can move the—I can move
the slides forward if I pinch my fingers. And if I make a fist—
there, I’m zooming in. Look. Handsome chap.
Woo! It’s kind of fun I suppose. Now in theory, the Myo can control
all sorts of media. So YouTube, Spotify,
iTunes, Netflix. We’ve got here a YouTube video
which looks very interesting. Let’s see if we can get to play it. OK. And play. Play. Play. Now Myo has teamed up with Sphero
which is the toy maker at the moment who made the BB-8 Droid
from Star Wars. Now once you’ve calibrated it, you can start having some fun. Play.
Play. Eventually. I do feel it would be easier
pressing the play button. Moving oh! Fast forward. Rewind. Oh, for crying out—
this is absolutely useless. I guess the Myo is kind of fun, but every single bit of technology
it supposedly replaces frankly does the job far better. We can land a probe on a moving comet,
and this is the best we can come up with? Are we living in the future?
Not with the Myo we’re not.

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