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My Girlfriend Quizzes Me on Italian Hand Gestures

Hey guys what’s up? This is Briller And today I got a special video because I asked my girlfriend to make me a video about 15 Italian gestures that I can guess if I know the meaning of the gestures. So let’s watch this video together for the first time, and when I see one of her gestures I can guess the meaning and then she’ll give me the answer, if I was right or wrong. So let’s get started with her video, that I’ll respond to and then she’ll give me the answer etc… So let’s start with her video that I have here, and now we can start. I’m here, ready to help you with the gesture challenge! I’m from Rome, so it’s possible that my hometown influences the gestures I know But I’m pretty sure that most of these gestures are used in all of Italy. So let’s see. I promise that right now Brian is in the kitchen with headphones in, listening to music So he can’t hear anything that I’m saying So good luck baby, let’s see how many you get right. Gesture number 1 One more time All right so, this Or something means “it’s time to go” Like “let’s go” I think… Gesture number 2 This is easy because I’m sure you’ve already seen it I think this means… it can have two meanings The first: “this doesn’t work”. Or: “It’s gone” like “that’s it, there is nothing left” Or something like that, I don’t know, let’s go to the third There’s actually two interpretations for this gesture but you can give me both Now, gesture number 3 For this gesture, it’s important that you look at my face because if you focus only on my hands you might misunderstand So gesture number 3 Oh… well, ok so… there could be many meanings for this gesture I can’t really read her face but, like… “it’s scary” or “it’s crowded” I’m not sure which one just by her face This is so strange. I’m not a youtuber, I feel weird talking to a camera Anyway Yeah it is, it is Gesture number 4 Actually, for this, there are two gestures but it’s a similar meaning So let’s pretend for gesture number 4 there are two gestures with a similar meaning Or… Similar meaning? I’m sure you’ll get this one I think in America they use a similar gesture This means “to cut with scissors” I think But this one, I don’t know what it means. I’ve never seen it before But this one must mean “to cut” like “I need to get a haircut” Something like that Gesture number 5 This one is for you. I do it to you all the time This? In Japan it means “no” but… wait, you do this to me often? I’m not sure. I don’t know again. Like “no!” Gesture number… Oh no! I think this means “you’re out of your mind” like “you’re crazy” or something I’m not sure This is iconic. It could have many meanings but mainly… “Really? Are you kidding me? Are you messing with me?” It’s probably the most famous gesture Please note the facial expression The expression… Gesture number 7. I personally don’t use this gesture very often But I know it’s one of the gestures we use in Italy. How many times do I repeat “gesture”? So I chose to use it here. Gesture number 7 So… this means like “watch out”, “heads up”, “you’re smart”… something like that like “be careful” maybe, I don’t know. Now, gesture number 8 I’m not that sure you know this one, you know? Let’s see what you say… This?! I don’t know it looks like… a monkey or something like… I have no idea I can just try to guess Maybe it means… I don’t know like… honestly I have no idea what it means. It’s strange Now, gesture number 9 For this gesture, maybe I need to stand up cause maybe you can’t see “I’m hungry”! I think. “I’m hungryy” You have a lot of strange gestures like this Now, gesture number 10. For this one consider my face and the position of my hands or else you could confuse it with another one So, gesture number 10 I think, by her face, it means “please! I beg you!” but wait she’s saying something. It’s not this… it’s this With that face “please, come on, help me”. Something like that This is different for sure Now, we’re almost at the end. Gesture number 11 Maybe this gesture is mainly used in Rome. Gesture number 11 “I hear you I hear you”. I don’t know. Like “can you hear me?” “yeah yeah I can” I don’t know it’s seems like something between… what’s it called? Deaf people. Like if you can’t hear I don’t know. Again, it’s weird Gesture number 12. This is really easy. This is really easy. “Come on, that’s enough” or “what a pain in the ass” I don’t know it has its own meaning There are no words, just like “that’s enough”, I think You probably know this gesture, gesture number 13. You probably know Ok. Oh… have sex. That’s easy. Alright, have sex. But if there’s already this, this and this and now this? There’s too many with the hand like that! With that sad face. I don’t know. I’ve never seen it To finish, the last gesture This must be… I’m not sure, like “I failed” like “did you pass the test?” “I failed” I don’t know. 15 Like “I love rock music” or like “cuckold” or cheating like “he’s about to cheat” or something I don’t know. How did it go? I’m so curious. He’s back there waiting. Babe, let’s see how many you got right. I’ll start with the answers The solution for gesture number 1: “leave”. “Let’s get out of here”, “it’s time to go” If I do this, it’s more “go away”. Go. If I do this it’s more like “let’s get outta here.” So I’m one for one I’d say (Gesture number 2) There’s nothing, nothing’s there… or also… sometines “it doesn’t work.” If there’s something that doesn’t work…it’s not going (two for two, nice!) Gesture number 3: (It’s crowded) It’s scary! You’re scared. (Three for three, thank you!) Cut?! Cut. Get to the point. Cut it off. So it’s like you’re talking too much (Ahhh!) Usually this is when you’re on the phone and it’s time to hang up. This one is more like “get to the point!” (I won’t give myself a point) you’re talking too much. 3 out of 4 not bad Gesture number 5, this is “are you dumb?” I said “out of your mind” “Are you dumb?” which isn’t this, which means it smells, but that’s international. Except in Japan, in Japan it means “no” (I told you!) Anyway, it smells, you’re dumb. I said “out of your mind” I’m giving myself the point, 4 out of 5 let’s go. Gesture number 6: what are you saying?! What you sayin? What you talkin bout?! Yes! 5 out of 6! Number 7 You’re sneaky, you’re really sneaky. (Thank you, thank you, thank you) 6 out of 7 guys, see? I know the Italian hand gestures! Number 8, I can’t stand this, I really don’t like it. I’m not sure if “I can’t stand it” is a good translation into English I’m not sure what she means by “me sta qui” he’s all over me or something. 6 out of 8, no point on this one. Number 9, I can do this. I’m hungry, I’m hungry! 7/9 hungry hungry Number 10 What can I do? What can I do about it? (Ahhh! I said “please!” I think that’s no point for me.) Number 11, this is more Roman… it’s like: do you understand? Did you get my point? But you only use it when you’re mad… You wouldn’t do it if you weren’t mad (It’s not “I can’t hear you) 7/11 we got this guys! Ok now, number 12, this is obvious It’s… “what a pain” Is “pain in the ass” a bad word? Gesture number 13 (Ok so I’m at 8) For some reason I’m sure you got this one. So I’ll go to number 14. I’m at te- nine nine nine Alone like a fool Alone. All alone. They left me alone like a fool. I didn’t know that one at all, I’m still at 9. Now number 15, the horns, the equivalent of knock on wood in English Oh, I thought it was about cheating. (So baby, how’d it go?) I’m gonna go get Brian (I got 9 out of 15) 66.7% 66.666667% I’m happy with this result. I wanna thank Sonia for making a nice video, thanks Sonia you did a great job. And you had useful and interesting gestures for me to learn so thanks for that. Now I learned 5 new gestures, thanks so much. I hope you guys like the video, I hope you laughed. That’s it guys. It was a pleasure, see you next time. PEACE!

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