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My First Thanksgiving in Korea | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.1

The chicken is really big! Oh, it’s a turkey Welcome everyone Right now, we are with NCT 127 We are actually here to celebrate Thanksgiving because Thanksgiving is a day where we celebrate the thanks of everyone We share wonderful compliments with one another I am here to eat some really good food We have turkey, prepared for us We got a little bit of mashed potato right here for us I don’t know the stuffing inside the turkey yet As you guys all probably already know, Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the Thursday of the 4th week of November That’s probably when the day is… So we are here to have a good meal, and we welcome you guys as well Everyone, please remember That today is a day to give thanks to everything Please express your thanks to each other Thank you everyone Traditionally, there is a cutting ceremony of the turkey But I used to celebrate Thanksgiving only when I was little So I never tried cutting the turkey before Don’t you just have to separate chicken legs and chicken breasts? It’s… actually not that easy It really is not easy It’s my first time seeing a turkey I’ll just do all the cutting in my seat Bon Apetit There are only two drumsticks available Who wants to take it? Me! Thank you Whoa, look at this comparison! Which one is the turkey? TAEYONG is here… This is the cutting ceremony Hello~ This is also TAEYONG’s first time cutting the turkey I have actually never cut turkey myself I’ll try eating it How is it? Everyone, please eat with a grateful mind Thank you DOYOUNG How can you be so emotionless while saying it? Where is your soul??? Even though the turkey is the main dish, We also have mashed potatoes here Also the stuffing inside the turkey is really important too I feel like, the turkey is always really good… but what’s reaaaally good… is the stuffing Let’s all say thanks to TAEYONG Thank you! TAEYONG, you should eat too Okay, mashed potatoes! What are you thankful for? After eating this potato, I thought about my mother That’s just it! So, thank you mother It really reminded me of my mother! And later, you can eat the stuffings with this jam This and the jam…? Thanksgiving is a day you spend with your family and friends But you can’t be with your friends when you’re with your family You can’t be with your family when you’re with your friends You can’t be with both Who are you with? Ask me! Ask me! Who are you with? Both! I’m very full I’m full I am thankful for everyone I’ll ask once more, what are you thankful for? I am thankful for my members In what way? Thank you for having this meal together with me What are you thankful for? We’re always thankful and we love you I’ll try eating this Where should I dip in the stuffing? It is really good when you eat it with the gravy sauce This one is really good Ah, it smells a little bit like balsamic vinegar… No, it tastes different Ah, what should he do! Oh, I dipped it in too much What was it? Wasn’t it gravy sauce? Whoa, so full As I’ve explained before Thanksgiving is a day where we just show how thankful we are And also a time where we come together as friends and family And tell each other, what we are thankful for What are you thankful for HAECHAN? I’m really really thankful for TAEIL Aw, that was cute! That was really cute! Because he is the very very oldest member But he is very kind to his younger brothers I really feel thanks for TAEIL I love you TAEIL Tell him Thank you Me too TAEIL, what are you thankful for? Then I would like to say something to my fans Okay, that’s great Fans are our energy Isn’t that similar to what you said before? No, it’s not Fans are our energy We are always thankful, and we love you I would like to say to everyone, I always thank you I hope you enjoy… our stage First of all, I’m so thankful for the dinner It was so good It was my first time eating the turkey, the whole turkey It was an amazing experience And also, I’m so thankful for our family and members right here Especially, Our motivation, NCTzens we love you Just like what JAEHYUN hyung said Thank you for the dinner, for the turkey I don’t think I ever had turkey during my time in Korea Oh really? Yeah How was it in Canada? I usually ate it with Caesar salad too We have a salad in there too, right? Yeah, it was good Anyways, I actually wanted to talk about what my dad usually tell me What did he say? What did Mr. Lee say? Being thankful and giving thanks is one of the keys to be happy Today is a perfect time to talk about that Shout outs to my dad too So just thank you guys, thank you for everything, thank you to everyone, And thank you for… Thank you to you! I would like to thank all my members What did I tell you, With whom do you have to spend the Thanksgiving day? Family and friends! Family and friends But who are we with right now? Members! Both! Both! I’m living here with my buddy Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Everyone, happy Thanksgiving! Okay guys, well, that was Episode 1 Episode 2, coming up soon! Episode 1, I don’t know how it’s gonna look…

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