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My First Muay Thai Class with HAECHAN in Bangkok🥊มวยไทย | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.11

We’re now at a Muay Thai gym Muay Thai Johnny’s Communication Center! Learning Muay Thai It’s my first day Muay Thai Muay Thai of my life Me too me too We’re here to buy some gloves HAECHAN I’ll take white White? I’m red But I think your hands might be smaller than the gloves Red Come on This is supposed to be… I’m holding the camera with the gloves I don’t have fingers right now Today’s our first time concert in Bangkok Johnny’s Communication Center, you gotta use English Okay I’m good at English Yes, you are Have you ever learned sports? Taekwondo… Oh, Taekwondo I’ve also learned taekwondo before Then shall we try sparring each other, just to warm up? Already? Good morning~ Yeah~ I’m gonna get a massage later We’re very healthy Yes Okay, follow me, sit-up We are Healthy! Okay, break Oh, water water Now we will start learning the basics of Muay Thai It means ‘right’ Okay, up to here! Muay Thai master We’ve just did only the basics, you know, easy stuff But you know? We just did the basics Yeah The names of basic stuffs… This is ONE, this is TWO Wait Punch. Name. Dose it have name? Have name? (Learning the names of moves) Did you memorize them all? Did you finish memorizing? We just learned the name of the moves How was it? Can you beat me now? I’ve already beaten you When I did warm-up exercise, I thought like ‘I’ve beaten JOHNNY’ By the way, isn’t this weight difference quite harsh for me? The weight difference quite harsh for me But you don’t care about that I care about that Muay Thai is not easy Yeah Doesn’t even look easy I’m gonna be honest but.. We’re almost masters now Yeah almost masters We’re almost masters in the art of Muay Thai but… Still got a long way to go Okay I’d say about 80% Yes So we only have 20% left Yes After finishing 20%, we become masters Let’s get it I feel good, though Yeah How’re you feeling? I feel, I’m… I’m feel like getting healthy You feel like you’re getting healthy Yeah I’m getting healthy Me too Well, I think we gotta go back HAECHAN, thank you (in Thai) Thank you (in Thai) Tomorrow, 6AM See you in here

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