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My Ex WENT BERSERK At My Wedding. I Had To Call The Police

Hello to all! My name is Frank and I’m nineteen years old. I want to tell you a story about… girls. Or, more preciseley, about my two girlfriends. And please, trust me, I’m not showing off
at all, if you’ve already started to think that! I’ve only had these two girlfriends my whole
life, but it just so happened that these two were more than enough! My former girlfriend has turned my life into
hell and it seems that she’ll never leave me alone, so in order to get rid of her, I
have to marry my present girlfriend… uhhhh, I hope my bride didn’t hear that. But for real, this is not funny at all — I
seriously fear for my life. To begin with, when my love story just started,
everything looked peaceful and even mundane and there was nothing much to talk about. Two years ago, my family moved to another
city, and I went to a new school. I’m a very quiet, introverted person by nature. Yes, I have changed a lot since I went to
college, but at that time, I was still very shy and meek, and it was very hard for me
to meet new people, let alone make new friends. I only had a year left to go to this school
before college, and I was mentally prepared for the life of a recluse, but it all went
the other way because Sandra appeared in my life. She herself came to me in the dining room,
sat down next to me, and started some kind of careless conversation, which continued
after school and carried on online when I came home. At first, Sandra and I began to talk, and
then we became friends later on. After a while, Sandra herself suggested that
we go on a date. I had nothing against that, although I wasn’t
very enthusiastic about going out with Sandra. You know, the problem was that Sandra could
hardly be called a pretty girl. I mean, she wasn’t ugly, but nobody would
call her hot. There was something about her face, and her
frame that prevented it. But although I didn’t like the way she looked,
she was intelligent and had a good sense of humor. I was really interested in her — wasn’t
that way more important than her looks anyway?So Sandra and I started dating. However, our relationship wasn’t even close
to my vague idea of how things should be when you have a girlfriend. Instead of lots of fun during occasional dates
and sporadic kisses, for which your sweetheart and you go to the movies, only to take the
back seats in the most darkened corner of the movie theater, I got a girlfriend who
took absolutely all of my living space and almost all of my free time. Sandra would wake me up every morning with
some kind of cute greeting via text message, followed by a heart smiley, then she would
find me at school during every break, and before I went to sleep I had to spend at least
two hours talking to her on voice chat. Frankly, because of this, I lived in constant
discomfort. And no matter how hard I tried, I still did
not fall in love with Sandra, so it became harder for me to endure so much of her. At the same time, I didn’t want to offend
her, so I was planning how I would somehow survive, not changing anything until our graduation,
and after we finished school we would go to colleges, preferably located not only in different
cities, but hopefully also in different states, and our relationship would end by itself,
naturally. Before that, I wanted to leave everything
as it was, and I was planning to make it the best for Sandra at our graduation ball — I
knew that this was important for her. Seems like a sound plan, right? But everything turned out in a completely
different way. Sandra embarrassed me at the graduation ball
— at the end of the evening she pulled me onto the stage and, uh, publicly announced
her love for me. I’m sure that this confession looked extremely
ridiculous — it could not have been worse, even if she had kneeled in front of me to
complete this grand gesture. Our classmates laughed at me and, although
everyone forgot about this episode the very next day, I knew that the compromising photos
were left somewhere in the archives of all my friends’ social networks. However, I was ready to forget about this
evening and move on with my life, but there came another piece of shocking news — Sandra
and I had apparently enrolled at the same college. My whole plan collapsed like a house of cards,
so I was forced to break up with Sandra in a very rough way — otherwise she wouldn’t
have understood anything. It was hard for me to break her heart, but
it was time to put an end to this relationship. But the fun was just beginning. Life on campus was, as I expected, completely
different. And soon I had a new girlfriend, her name
was Bridget — she was sweet and beautiful, and she also studied at our college. For a while I thought that I was fine… until
Sandra re-entered my life. For some reason, she acted as if she and Bridget
were friends, although they had nothing in common. Sandra had told me several times before that
she had no hard feelings towards me, but I still didn’t like to see Sandra next to Bridget,
so I directly warned my girlfriend that Sandra was my ex, and that she needed to be careful
about their friendship. Bridget, unlike me, was straightforward, so
she simply told Sandra that she no longer wanted to be friends with her. A few days after that, someone entered Bridget’s
room in the dorm. And cut almost all of her clothes into pieces
with scissors. But what scared my girlfriend most of all,
was the broken doll, which the intruder had left on her bed. The doll looked very much like Bridget herself. We both were sure we weren’t mistaken.The
resemblance was uncanny. I had no doubts that Sandra did it, so I immediately
confronted her. She tried to deny everything, but suddenly
burst into tears and admitted that she was still madly in love with me and would do anything
to get me back if there was even the slightest chance for us to be together. At the same time, Sandra looked… how should
I say this … not quite like herself. And bearing in mind what she had done in Bridget’s
room, her emotions seemed a little frightening. I began to think that Sandra was mentally
ill… but I had absolutely no evidence of this, and Sandra herself, of course, considered
herself to be normal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use Sandra’s confession
to inform the campus administration about what she had done – I had no record of this
conversation and it would only be my word against hers. In addition, Bridget didn’t want to attract
too much attention to us within the university – she often missed her classes and wasn’t
doing very well, so she didn’t want to be drawn into some kind of story, since this
might cause problems not only for Sandra but for her as well, or at least that’s what she
thought. Well, since I couldn’t just call the police,
I needed another way to protect myself and Bridget. So I couldn’t think of any other way to do
this except to ask Bridget to marry me. Of course, I wasn’t sure that Bridget was
“the one,” but at least I liked her, and it would also be a clear sign to help Sandra
understand that there was simply no chance that we would get back together. I thought that the wedding was the perfect
reason. Soon Bridget and I announced our engagement
to the entire student community and invited everyone to a party. Bridget was very happy – I would never have
guessed that she was the type of girl, who, since her childhood, had dreamt about a wedding…
not necessarily about a husband or love or anybody to spend the rest of her life with. Honestly, I even began to think that Bridget
wasn’t very smart … but later I reminded myself that if I wanted to be with an evil
genius, I could have just stayed with Sandra. My parents and Bridget’s parents decided that
they would help us rent an apartment near our college, so the party had to be held at
our new home. There was nothing really special about the
party, nothing to talk about — everything was just nice, until… Sandra appeared. Bridget and I were nervous because we expected
that she would spoil the evening, but nothing happened. On the contrary, Sandra was very sweet and
happy, cheered everyone up, and the whole time wished me and Bridget all the happiness
in the world. I was very surprised, or should I say — pleasantly
surprised. When the guests left, I even felt a little
guilty – I thought about how unfair I was to Sandra… and then I heard Bridget screaming
from our bedroom. I immediately ran into the bedroom and saw
what she was screaming about: the mirror above Bridget’s dressing table was broken in two
pieces, as if someone had hit it, and letters, written with red lipstick spelled out “THIS
IS NOT THE END.” Can you imagine how scared Bridget and I were? And not only by the WHAT she had done, but
also because we simply didn’t understand WHEN or HOW Sandra could have managed to do this
— she was always in someone’s sight, and the bedroom was locked so our guests had no
access to it. After this incident, neither I nor Bridget
could fall asleep and we stayed awake for the whole night. I took a lot of pictures of the broken mirror
and of the inscription on it to preserve evidence for the police, while Bridget panicked and
insistently demanded that I get it out of our apartment as quickly as possible. Bridget didn’t behave like I thought she
would, but she was very grumpy, and I imagined that she would stay like this for the rest
of our future family life…But no, I was more afraid of mentally unstable Sandra
than of a grumpy and not super smart wife. To finally prove that Sandra was harassing
us, I decided to invite her to my wedding with Bridget. I’m positive that this will provoke Sandra
to take some action, and I’ll be ready to protect my bride from anything that may come
our way…I hope so, anyway. This is the end of my story. I still haven’t reported Sandra to the police,
but I’ll do it as soon as I find any evidence that it was her. And if something happens to me or Bridget,
I want many people know about it. Please help me by sharing this video with
your friends.

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