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My esports experience (American Sign Language)

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en Welcome to my vlog I need to take a break from video games I want to talk to the audience. Hi! Let’s talk about my eSports experience eSports is a form of competition using video games There are many eSports leagues including ELeague, World Cyber Game, ESL, Dreamhack There are more leagues.. Oh, Overwatch League There are more than ten different leagues The popular games are CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), LoL (League of Legends) Hearthstone, Overwatch, Rocket League, SSBM (Super Smash Bros Melee) Call of Duty, Halo, and more games There are many professional teams… Cloud9, Team Liquid, TSM, SK Gaming, Immortals Astralis, FaZe, Optic, etc. My favorite teams are Cloud9, team USA and NYXL, Excelsior, an Overwatch team in New York That’s for Overwatch League There are many eSports Leagues and teams. They play video games and win money Now, you know what eSports are I attended to RIT, an university in Rochester, New York When I was a first-year student, I had no desktop computer, just an Apple laptop My friends were talking about PC games and #pcmasterrace I wanted to learn more about PC games because I took the major, Information and Computing Studies I got the desktop computer and monitor for Christmas I downloaded my first game was Team Fortress 2. It was fun I added my friends on Steam, PC games I played with my friends together.. Played Grand Theft Auto V and Rocket League. It was so fun I saw the trailer, commercial and announcement about Overwatch That game looked interesting. I want to try – – I want to play that game I played Overwatch beta for a week It was really fun. I had to wait until Overwatch release day I play that game for a long time. It’s really fun and it’s like Team Fortress 2 When I was a third-year student. That was my last year of college I was surfing Facebook on my phone I saw RIT EG – – Oh wait… ESG? Oh, I mean EGS. I’m sorry. I was trying to remember EGS stands for Electronic Gaming Society club It’s all about video games They posted… something on Facebook. They said RIT eSports tryout for Overwatch team I was like… I wanted to sign up I joined RIT eSports Discord. Discord is a chat software. I mean a chat app They started to form the teams. Well, let’s go back. The guy who responsible for Overwatch team said the players to form the teams. I think there were four teams and many players Six players each team, four teams I was waiting and they said I had to wait because the teams were full I didn’t have a chance to show my skill Then the tryout was over… I was like.. Will we have another tryout? They said no.. sorry.. There was nothing that I can do… Somehow, my name was on the team list I was just a sub player There were six starter players and 24 sub players RIT OW team played well Our team reached the quarterfinals and played against Rutger University from New Jersey They eliminated us. It was really close… Our team got 10th place.. There were around 60 teams That was a lot of teams That eSports tournament was for colleges/universities RIT OW team had 9 wins and 2 losses. Not bad.. We got an email from them and asked us for our t-shirt sizes TESPA, the college eSports tournament It’s nice. Of course, It’s not available in the store This shirt is like… special to me I went to home for winter break I got an email from someone who responsible for Overwatch team I saw my name on the team list for division two winter – -Yeah, winter off-league I was like… oh wow I mean… They didn’t know my skill. I didn’t show my skill Ok fine I was the first deaf player on Overwatch college team I showed up our practice, division 1 vs division 2 scrimmage It was really hard… I mean it was really hard for me because I’m deaf All of the players are hearing They heavily relied on the headphones with the mic I don’t wear it because I can’t hear them They communicated through the headphones with the mic. I had to use the text messages in the game They had the plans, we used the key commands like press “X” to ask for healing Press “Z” to say the status and press “F” to say “Understood” They said I played well… I did amazingly They decided to keep me – – I was a sub player… I believe there were six sub players including me. It was great Six players for divison one team, six plauers for divison two team, and six sub players There were 18 players I was practicing with them and it was really hard but worth it I learned a lot from them I tried… They asked me to practice with them and played scrimmage with other college It was really hard af It wasn’t easy… It wasn’t easy… I was a sub player for a year because Overwatch came out in 2016.. It was like a new game I was a third-year student and that was my last year of college 2016 to 2017 then I graduated on May 2017 I want to say thank you to RIT Overwatch team for giving me the opportunity to play with them I learned a lot and improved my skill I mean… I’m deaf and I can do it Last summer… I played the game on my phone. It called, “Power Rangers Legacy War” It was fun and I got the announcement message about PRLW eSports tournament Oh why not.. I signed up I played and reached the 5th round then I got eliminated There were eight rounds and I only needed three more rounds so I can enter the grand finals but… Oh well… I got 20th place out of 90 places There were around 90 players including me I won one match and won by default twice because the players didn’t show up on time One win, two wins by default, and two losses so 3 W – 2 L Also, I’m a mentor of Cloud9 Power Rangers Legacy War The C9 mentor is responsible for that team Yep, eSports are not easy You’re more than welcome to underestimate eSports You can watch South Korea Overwatch team Especially… Starcraft… They will squish us like a bug It was a lot of fun to involve the eSports tournaments That’s all, folks. It’s all about my eSports experience Thank you for watching. Please click
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9 Replies to “My esports experience (American Sign Language)”

  • Whose that's crazy cool that you're a mentor for c9! Yeah people think as long as you're good you can be in an esports team but you have to be dedicated and put in the hours to improve yourself and your teamwork. Good on you

  • Do you ever watch or play League of Legends? It's the game I play most. It'd be cool to see content on it if you like it, too.

  • That’s awesome and thank you for sharing your stories with us. ^^ I played League of Legends in the summer this year but not anymore because I don’t have friends to play with it. 😓🤷‍♂️

  • I play a game called Guild Wars 2. My icon is my main toon (I play her very often out of my 11 toons). Anyway, Gw2 do have a PvP (player vs player) league. It's pretty competitive that I think they only take the top guilds to compete each other. I watch it live once in a while. Personally, I am not that great in PvP plus players can get salty in there. I prefer WvW (world vs world) cuz it's a teamwork which makes it more fun and less stressful for me.

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