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Multicontroller based Wheelchair Safety using Android, Touch, Speech & Gesture Control

Electronics Project Details & Customized Development Call/Watsapp +917738796642 this wheelchair base system we have this
central wheelchair chesses that is controlled by a circuitry which is
attached with an RF module and a Bluetooth interface so it can be
controlled through four of these interfaces which are interfaced through
RF and bluetooth namely first is the touchscreen based screen that we can see
over here the second is the hand motion waste that is through the gesture
controls of left and right third is through Android phone over which we’ll
be talking and it it will recognize the human voice and transmit it to the
system so that it can recognize and do as per the commands that has been said
and fourth is the voice recognition through this mic so let us see how each
of these functions are working let us start the project so as it starts let us know actually
demonstrate one of the features which is hand motion so for this so when can
simply wear this on their hedge and now by simply the motion by the gesture of
their motions they can control it in the forward in the passwords right direction
and left direction there is also a braking mechanism through a push button
so in this way this wheelchair can be controlled so the hand gesture mechanism now let us see how this can be
controlled through Android phone for this we have connected this voice based
application to the Bluetooth device that is connected
to a system of the wheelchair so now it’s connected now let us see how to
control it going in the forward Direction forward backward left right go so now after the Android phone that we
had used and the third feature is controlling the robot the wheelchair
reward through this touchscreen interface this is the stylus through
which we can accurately pinpoint of what we want to do for example we want to go
forward in the forward direction and so this was the touchscreen feature like
we had this is also communicating with the help of RF with the will cherubim
and the fourth interface is directly through voice through this mic that is
connected to the Raspberry Pi which is in turn is connected to the wheelchair
system through RF communication so now let us see how this works I will talk in
code words that the commands that it will receive which it will understand
and send the commands so these are left right stop and forward so let me start
with forward step forward right left stop so in this way this project works by
controlling the wheelchair for you with all these interfaces which are the
touchscreen control the hand motion control the one through Android
interface through bluetooth and one through the mic through speech
recognition of the person so this is how the smart wheelchair system works thank

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