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Multi-Tasking Gestures on iPad

>>Wade: Hi. I’m Wade Wingler with the Indata
Project at Easter Seals Crossroad in Indiana. Most people when they use their
iPad use one finger and do one thing at a time. However, Ron King on of our assistive
technology specialists is going to show you a way to use more fingers for some
multi-tasking.>>Ron: Hi. I’m Ron King with Easter Seals
Crossroads. I am an assistive technology specialist and today I am going to show
you some multi-tasking gestures that you can use on the iPad. You want to make sure you
go into settings. Let me make sure I tell you it’s in the right place and then
in general under multi-tasking gestures, you want to make sure that is turned on.
And the first one I am going to show you is I am going to open up an app and I am going
to show you how to get to your home screen with a 5 finger pinch. So, you
just take your hand like this and pinch in and it will take you right to your home
screen. I’ll open up another app and show you again. And pinch in. Okay, that’s the
first one. And what that’s going to do is save you from depressing that home button.
The second one is to get to your app manager. 4 fingers just right up on the
screen. You can bring it back down. 4 fingers up and there’s all your apps and down. And
then the last one is switching between apps. You can use 4 fingers to the
side and go through one way and then you can take it and go back. And all these will
save you from hitting that home button and wearing it out. And that’s pretty much it.
The tech tip for the week is the multi-tasking gestures on iPad. Thanks.
>>Wade: And so there’s just another way to get more useability out of your iPad. That’s
your tech tip for this week. I’m Wade Winger with the Indata Project at Easter
Seals Crossroads in Indiana.

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