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MT and Associates, LLC | Sign Language Interpreting

MT & Associates is a reputable and reliable sign language interpreting firm 100% dedicated to providing exceptional services for the Deaf and hearing communities. Interpreters who run late or never show up
disrupt business operations. You have a lot on your mind, and the reliability of your interpreting firm should not be a concern. Language accuracy is important. For example, if an interpreter states that a client is not allergic to aspirin when in fact the client is allergic to aspirin, the outcome will be affected. You must be able to trust your sign language interpreting services. Whether your request is an emergency or you’re just managing day-to-day business, we know that your time is valuable and you require a quick response. Transparency is also very important. Our clients want to know upfront what they’re getting and what it will cost. It’s not just about ADA compliance. It’s about being dedicated to serving everyone. Interpreting services
are a direct reflection on your reputation as a business or you as an individual. Before hiring an interpreting service, make sure that their primary focus and specialization is in
sign language interpreting, and look for testimonials
from actual customers. At MT & Associates we pair the right
interpreter with the right client, and our prices are competitive. Call, email, or text us today, and let us know how we can serve you.

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