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Mr.Wheeler’s Life Story in ASL

Hello! Now, I will explain the story of my life ok? English: I was born in Indiana in 1976.
ASL: 1976 I BORN WHERE? fs-IND English: I went to the Deaf school at the age of four.
ASL: AGE-4 I ENTER DEAF SCHOOL/INSTITUTE English: I-S-D. That is Indiana School for the Deaf. I-S-D.
ASL: fs-ISD. fs-IND SCHOOL DEAF. fs-ISD. English: Four years later, I moved to Rhode Island.
ASL: FOUR YEARS TIME-PASSED I MOVE-AWAY fs-RI. English: [pause] I started mainstreaming when I was in the 3rd grade.
ASL: [pause] I START MAINSTREAM I IN THIRD GRADE. English: At the age of 12, I fell in love.
ASL: AGE-12 I FALL-IN-LOVE. English: Five years later, I got my driving license.
ASL: FIVE YEARS TIME-PASSED, I GOT LICENSE. English: Just as I graduated from high school, went to college.
ASL: GRADUATE fs-HS, GO COLLEGE. English: In 1999, I graduated from college, moved to Arizona because I got a job.
ASL: 1999, GRADUATE COLLEGE MOVE-AWAY ARIZONA WHY? GOT JOB. English: Four years passed before I met my wife.
ASL: FOUR YEARS TIME-PASSED I MET MY WIFE. English: In the year 2008, I moved back here in Indiana.
ASL: 2008 I MOVE fs-BACK HERE fs-IND. English: You want to know why? Because ISD is a good school.
ASL: WHY? fs-ISD GOOD SCHOOL. English: My children are Deaf and they go to the Deaf school at ISD.

4 Replies to “Mr.Wheeler’s Life Story in ASL”

  • I'm an ASL teacher (high school) … knee deep in grading and took a break to check into fb and came across your videos …. love them … want to use them in my class.
    Can you give me a little background to share with my students? Are you teaching somewhere? What level? I love exposing my students to people who sign other than myself and am hoping you're good with me sharing your clips.

  • Hi, I agree with you about sharing videos and exposing students to a variety of signers. You are more than welcome to share my videos with your class. I will be uploading more videos because there simply isn't enough ASL-accurate resources on YouTube. We need more of that. 🙂

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