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Motocrossing against all odds: Ashley Fiolek at TEDxAthens 2012

Translator: Ioanna Koutzoukou
Reviewer: Chryssa Takahashi (Applause) I would like to show you
a short video of what I do. It’ s called motocross. (Video): I love the race and rides so much
I think because I grew up doing it, you know, I love it, it’s not just
like regular things, I’m competitive, I always have been, so racing
fills it for me, keeps me happy. (Music) With this year I’m starting this season,
with, you know, number one again, and it’s really good to see that.
I mean my favourite number is 67, but it’s really nice to see a one. And I think, you know, mentally
that really helps me out. It helps me be more confident,
you know, I won last year and hopefully I’m just defending
my title again this year. So it feels pretty good. (Music) Yes, I’m looking for it at 2012.
Hangtown is coming up really soon, you know, I have got a new trainer. I’m working with Tim Ferry, here in Florida,
he’s awesome, you know, he helps me so much, we ride together,
you know, we push each other, you know, he is just really fun to work with and ride with. I feel really good, I feel like
I’m in shape and I think I’m ready. We’re just going to see what happens
in Hangtown. We haven’t raced for a longtime, but I’m just going go out there,
have fun and have a good time. (Music) (Applause) So to be honest with you guys,
when I set on to write this presentation, I was really struggling, I was thinking
“What’s a doer, what does it mean?” I was thinking, hmm, so I mean after all,
aren’t we all doers? Right? I mean everyday we do do things,
that need to be done. Everyday we go to work,
we go to school, we pay our bills, we go to the grocery store,
we do everyday life things and everyday, we do what needs to be done. So doers, you know, when I was writing
this down then it became clear to me what a doer is or should be,
what a doer should be. Doers are always working
towards their dreams. They’ re doing things that need
to be done to fulfill their dreams. People think they have to make important
decisions to make their dreams come true So doers, they’ re passionate about
what they do or what they want out of life. Doers, they believe beyond all doubt,
what they know, can happen. Doers can’t hear people say negative things
or if they try to break their spirit. Doers don’t know how to achieve their dreams,
but they know that it’s going to happen. Doers have a continuing spirit only
they can see their dreams come true. For me, I wasn’t born
a professional motocross racer, but as long as I can remember
I dreamed about becoming one When I was seven years old, I knew I wanted
to become a professional motocross racer and I knew I wanted to win
a motocross championship. Someone I once trained
with longtime ago, he said, “I’m not sure what we’re chasing here,
what are we doing here.” Because at that time, women’s motocross
didn’t have any attention. There was a little bit of industry support and
obviously women weren’t getting paid to race or making a living from racing, but I always knew
what I wanted to do and what I was dreaming for. So everyone in this room, everyone
in the world can chase their dreams down. How do I know this? I’m not anyone special. I was just a little deaf kid
from the United States, Michigan, who always dreamed I had
my own path I have to follow, my parents always behind me, they’re always
supporting me and that’s all I needed. I did everyday things
to make my dreams happen, to make them come true and I never listen
to people, who said, “Oh, that’s not possible” or
“You shouldn’t be riding a dirt bike. You’re dangerous to myself and
to other people out on the track.” I didn’t think my teachers,
my teachers are my principles, they thought I was crazy whenever
I said that’s what I wanted to do. SInce I was deaf, my mom
and dad and me, we always had to go
and sit down every year, and we had an IEP. It’s an individualized
educational planning. And my teachers at the end of it,
would always ask me the same question, “So what do you want for your career,
what do you want to do when you grow up, what do you want to become” and
I always said the same answer every year, “I want to become
a professional motocross racer.” And they looked at me and they smile
and they were like, “Oh, OK” and they looked at my mom and dad. And my mom and dad said like, “Yeah,
put that down, that’s what she wants to be.” And then they looked at me and said, “OK, well, what about for your second choice?
What you want do?” And I said, “There is no reply, there is no second
choice, that’s it, that’s what I’m gonna be.” My teachers, they didn’t think
it was possible for me, they just thought I was a little girl, who
is dreaming big, but it wasn’t gonna happen. They never though I’d become
a professional women’s motocross racer but now I’m breaking new ground
for women in motocross racing. I mean, I just kept working,
I kept dreaming. I was just passionate about my work
and what I was doing. I had a tireless spirit and before long
I started picking up momentum, things started happening for me, things
were coming together, it was working out. My dreams were right in front of me. Everyone in the world
can achieve their dreams. You just need to know what dream you are
chasing and what’s you are working for. Keep your focus and keep your heart full. It doesn’t matter if it takes time and before
long your dream will becoming true. I once saw an interview with John Jones,
he is a UFC champion fighter and he said, “The universe has a clear path for those
who know what they want out of life.” I believe that, I believe that’s true.
I’m proof of that. We all are capable of being doers,
we are all capable of doing things. We all have extraordinary skills. As long as you know what you want
and not stop believing, you will accomplish your dreams. I’m Ashley Fiolek and thank you for
having me here and sharing with you. Thank you. (Applause) Hope you left the universe
a clear path for you. Thank you. (Applause)

21 Replies to “Motocrossing against all odds: Ashley Fiolek at TEDxAthens 2012”

  • Wow! What a great video! 🙂 Thank you for posting this deaf-related video with ASL interpreting and captioning. Ashley Fiolek is very inspirational and I'm happy to see her sharing her advice and experiences on this platform– she deserves it! Yay!

  • Why is the camera showing the interpreter? No. Nope. The camera should never show the interpreter. The person speaking is Ashley, the interpreter is only telling us what she is saying. Plus when the camera pans on the interpreter, I can't see Ashley's hands. Big big no no. Her hands are how she communicates with people who know ASL. Not showing her hands is like talking over the speaker so you can't hear what is being said. This makes me sad. Maybe next time do better TED and have a better understanding of what to do in these circumstances.

  • I heard of this amazing woman on a movie, No Ordinary Hero, a fiction movie which she had a part in as herself. I was curious if she was real or just a character, sure enough, she was real. I was very impressed by what she accomplished! Later my dad read me what the wiki said on her. I was impressed by her perseverance, even after so many falls! Thus woman is amazing and very talented!

  • I'm trying to fulfill my dreams I'm in college my major is criminal justice, but my stepdad stresses me too much he thinks that I'm not doing enough or doing the right paths with my major and all that negativity causes me to grow smaller

  • I have two daughters and I love moto. My daughters say uh I don't think I can do that but I wish I could it looks fun. Here watch world champ Ashley ride. Whoa dad I want a bike.
    Ashley has done really great things for inspiring women into a great sport. It's also obvious how good her parents are.

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