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How To Learn Sign Language

Mother Learns American Sign Language Alongside Deaf Son

He was about six weeks old, and the
audiologist called me into the small room off the testing room and said “I
need to tell you that your son is deaf,” and it was not what I expected and she
said, “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine, but you need to learn American
Sign Language.” And then handed me this gigantic folder of information and I
looked out at William and thought what does this mean for him? How am I going to do this? And I felt extremely overwhelmed by the whole thing. But I didn’t feel as
though I had a choice in the matter; I needed to learn American Sign Language.
So I take it very seriously. It was a little challenging in the beginning. It
got less daunting as time went on. William and I started at the same
baseline of American Sign Language. He knew nothing and I knew nothing. And my
goal was always that I would be one step ahead of him and I’ll have to say right
now we’re about even. There’s certainly some
signs that he knows that he explains to me a little bit and then there are some
signs that I use that he says, “oh what’s that?”
So I guess I’m struck still by the language itself and when I first started
learning I thought all about the hands and then you realize actually it’s — I
would say equally hands but the rest is body and facial expressions and all that, that I had no idea about but that’s really where you get the meaning from. I think the best advice was when the
audiologist told me you need to start learning American Sign Language. I’ve
never wanted William to feel left out in his own home. I understand that I
can’t control the wider world around me and that William is gonna feel isolated
in some instances in a hearing world but I vowed when he was a baby that he would
never feel that way in his own home.

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