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MORE Deaf People You NEED To Know About! (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter

Hello! Welcome back to the channel. In my last video, I gave you
six deaf YouTubers to watch. A lot of you liked that video. Thank you. But then someone asked me something. “Hey, are there any BIPOC [deaf] YouTubers?” And then I thought, “Oh yeah…” I realized all the people in the video, everyone that I suggested
is really, really, uh… They’re white. Sorry about that. So then I was thinking that
most deaf people use Facebook. It seems like the deaf world
on YouTube is a little small. But Facebook, it’s really big. A lot of deaf people use it. So I thought it would be fair
to suggest deaf YouTub- (BEEP) I thought it would be fair to
suggest deaf Facebook vloggers. There will be more variety in skin color. Deafinitely Wanderlust. I’m a little mad at myself
because I forgot her. I forgot to mention her
in the YouTuber video. But I’ve noticed she has more
of an audience on Facebook. So that’s okay.
It’s fine. So Stacey is a travel vlogger. She’s always traveling somewhere. Going to different countries. It’s really cool to see. I like seeing different places but
that’s not something I can afford. So she helps on that front. She also sometimes travels
with her boyfriend as well. Sorry, I don’t know how
to sign all of this, but… Deafies In Drag. I. Love. Them. I love them. You might’ve guessed what
they do from their name. They do drag. With the makeup, big hair,
and fancy dress and clothing. It’s beautiful. And really cool. They’re really funny. They make comedy
videos, like skits. I talk to Jimmy sometimes. He’s really nice. Their videos always make me laugh. Harold Foxx. He’s a comedian. Not exactly sure of the
sign for “comedian”. “Comedian”. He’s a really nice guy. I’ve seen a lot of his videos. They’re really funny. He makes skits as well. He’s also a…
I don’t know how to sign it. Stand-up.
Up. (BEEP) Stand-up comedian. I’ve never seen his live shows. I’ve never seen his live shows,
but I have seen his videos. They’re good videos. Jade Bryan. She’s a bit different from the others. She’s a filmmaker. She posts vlogs sometimes. But they’re more like
news or announcements. If she has an acting class happening, she’ll make a video about it. But she’s mostly
a filmmaker. I’ve seen some of her stuff. It’s nice stuff. Queen Foreverrr. I think there are 3 R’s. She’s also a comedian. She’s done some collaborations with Harold. I really like her videos. Her skits. Really funny. I think she’s probably my
favorite one mentioned. Melmira. Her content is different. It’s more talk show. So there’s social
justice, politics. It’s full of really important
topics that we need to talk about. I actually used to work
with her at DTV News. She’s really nice. I’ve never met her face to
face, but I definitely want to. And she’s always looking beautiful. Always fashionable. I love it. Igor Djenge. I don’t know how
I’m gonna voice that. In the voiceover. Might have to just say Igor. Deaf problems. He’s an actor. I think a comedian too. He also makes skits. They’re funny. They’re definitely dramatic ones. They’re good. Seek The World. Also travels. To various places. I think a lot of the time,
it’s in the United States. You may have seen his videos
on different sign languages. So you’d see ASL vs BSL. Or ASL vs DSL. German Sign Language. I like watching those. I learn a lot. It’s cool to see how
different they are. If you just watch one
language on its own, It’s like, “Oh, that’s cool.” But you don’t really
see the differences. Well, that’s just how
it is for me, anyway. But seeing them side by side,
ASL and the other language, “Oh, I see that now,”
and it’s really cool. DM3_Gaming. I met her in Texas when
MazzCon was going on. She’s really nice. It’s really cool to see deaf
woman who plays games. She’s posted a few vlogs now. I know she wants to
post more Let’s Plays. I’m excited for that. F1re B1ast. I thought that was going to
be really hard for me to spell. Wasn’t that bad. Also met him in
Texas for MazzCon. He’s really good at Apex and COD. I’m like, whoa. I cannot aim. But he can. He’s really good. Joe Signs. Also met him in Texas. He wants to tell stories. I’ve actually helped him
film something for Facebook. Wow, they really are… They’re really descriptive,
very expressive. It’s cool. Shaheem. I think he might have
a YouTube channel. But I’m not sure. I know his girlfriend has one. But Shaheem, I’m not sure. But anyway. He’s really active on
Facebook and Instagram. He’s a dancer. He’s really cool. I like him. We talk occasionally.
He’s really nice. And then on my
public Facebook page, I asked you to suggest one
deaf creator you really like. And I’d put them in the video. One who stood out:
ASL SuzyQ. She used to be an
ASL interpreter. I’ve seen some videos. Lots of ASL content. And then our last person. The last suggestion. The Daily Moth. If you like news, he’s
filming everyday. Posting everyday. He has captions and transcripts. I met him in Texas too. Nice and cool guy. And we’re done. Hopefully, you’ve learned
about some new people. You’ll watch them,
(or them). I’ll have all of their
links in the description. Wow, there really are more
people on Facebook. It’s like, I know… I know back then, more deaf
people were on YouTube. But they’re not as active here now. Either they quit or whatever else. So now Facebook’s more
popular for the community. It’s cool to see what platform
different communities prefer. YouTube vs. Facebook. Thank you for watching. If you don’t follow
anyone, go do it! Give ’em a try. Them. Over here. ‘Cos I kept pointing over there. Why am I pointing here? Thank you for watching. If you want to translate this video, I’ll have a link down below
in the description. I’ll see you later, bye! (MUSIC)

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  • 2 weeks until sober October 🤦🏾‍♂️ guess I'll focus on my signing for 31 days. Luckily there's you and Rochelle to get me through

  • you should check out 1bike1world on instagram, it's a travel instagram and the person is hearing but he's got a kitty cat named Nala!

  • All good choices! I've met about half of these folks in person and I have nothing but praise for them all. One suggestion though – don't limit "deaf creators" to popular folks who make videos. There are also deaf creators that support these folks by being creators for THEM and how they promote themselves – traditional De'VIA artists or writers for example. Or graphic artists who make the logos and merch and biz cards (hint, hint 🙂 ) for many of these mentioned deaf performers. Like Destiny Slater, for example. Or tech specialists like Myles DeBastion of CymaSpace who designs lighting and accessibility devices. Or caricature artist Ellie Sherwood. Or deaf producers and bookers of the lives shows the mentioned artists perform at, or advocates who fight for accessibility for others to enjoy, etc. I'm just talking about folks behind the scenes who work hard to produce the content that these other content creators are often featured in or helps to promote them. They're out here too working hard to support other deaf artists so that they can be seen and they aren't given any recognition for their work!

  • Thank you for making my facebook more diversity. It was very hearing heawy before. My youtube is more diversed and partially because of yout thou. In your former recommendations of other youtube you have had more diversity.

  • Yes, Shaheem has a Youtube channel. So does Harold Foxx, Jade Bryan, Queen foreverrr, Melmira, Igor Djenge, asl susyq, the daily moth and of course deafies in drag and wanderlust. But apart from asl susyqu, deafies in drag and daily moth (who are active on both platsform) they seem to be more active on facebook. I was not sure in the end of video if you were talking about deaf creators in general or just those you named when you talked there were more active youtuber in the past.

  • Your beautiful Rikki I was watching a movie called hush and the main character was deaf and I thought of you I thought was that actress really deaf love you Rikki

  • Cool video!! Like how your showing recognition of intersectionality within Deaf community! I didn’t know about some of these people, so much thanks.


  • Interesting. But, I'm an old man who stays away from most social media platforms. I limit myself to YouTube and Pinterest. I won't touch FB, Instagram, & others. But, that's alright. I'm old. This brave new world belongs to you all. I just enjoy seeing what's going on.

    I am bi, politically progressive, & I follow Native American spirituality.

  • It's interesting that you say there are less Deaf people on YT now than there were before. A while ago, I remember it seemed like the place to be if you were Deaf and wanting to create a social media presence.
    One thing I do notice is that the Deaf community on FB seems older and more skewed towards stuff like comedy and news, which appeals to a wide range of audiences but from my perspective, sometimes I feel it's harder to connect with the content as I feel that it's not so much for those under 25 and those wanting an insight into living a life when you just happen to be D/deaf.
    Idk, I had a point but now I feel like I'm rambling lol.

  • I love this. I'm going to have to check out some of these people. Also I love when you do ASL videos because it helps me learn new signs.

  • Thanks for making this video! I don't use facebook as much, but I will for sure add all these awesome creators to my account! I only knew about Deafies in Drag and Deafinitely Wanderlust before.

  • Awww thank you Rikki ❤️🤟🏼that’s so kind of you to do! I’ve Been watching your channel for years! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you, Rikki! No worries about forgetting to mention me, haha. And you're right, Deaf content creators are mainly on Facebook – especially large Deaf users on that instead of Facebook.

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