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How To Learn Sign Language

Montessori Methods & Activities : Teaching Sounds in Montessori Schools

This is language at Northstar Montessori Preschool.
This is the three to five classroom. The activities in this classroom mostly are focused on the
children forming the letters with their… and the letter sounds. So we do a lot with
objects and asking them what they are, or giving them the words and asking them to repeat
them. We have an awesome alliteration program that is a huge success, so, this is matching,
we actually made this from old calendar. Used the little piece on the back of the calendar
and then the page on the calendar and laminate them and they just match the large to small,
with that one. There’s a lot, we actually do sign language in this classroom as well.
This one was a teacher-made activity. These are just made of foam, with the uppercase
as well as the lowercase, and you have to match the frogs to the proper lily pad. This
is one example of what we do with matching the word with the object. This says bell,
and we have a bell in there. So there’s all different objects, comb, and there’s a little
comb in there. So each one, they’re just little plastic objects or just found objects that
you make, so the children can learn to use their vocabulary.

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