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Mnuchin: Trump’s tariff delay was a ‘good will gesture’

100 Replies to “Mnuchin: Trump’s tariff delay was a ‘good will gesture’”


    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬🦁 𝐊𝐄𝐄𝐏 𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐀 𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐓 🦁▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩☆۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬.

  • Trump can't keep any staff for more than a few months….a job in his administration is terminal for anyone's political career.

  • Trump is stealing money from priority Military projects and FEMA relief funds to build his vanity wall. While Mexico is laughing at us….and the rest of the world sees how feckless Trump really is.

  • The constant turnover in Trump's administration does nothing but portray WEAKNESS to the rest of the world. So do all of Trump's lies and blaming his failures on the Fake News.

  • All our money are being piped upwards to the 1%, and the 1% of the 1% and the super rich family dynasities. Thats why the wealth gap is widening.
    And here, idiot Republican Trumptards are still believing in Trump's escape goat China and thinking somehow free trade between us and China are to blame…

  • Stay away from China……..just sit and watch the Chinese people behaviors and attitudes to worldwide actions……no one else is better liars than the Chinese… their culture….

  • Good will gesture? China doesn't care about "good will gestures." After the id*otic dictatorial Chinese regime celebrates its so-called "anniversary," it will resume a posture of no compromise with the United States until after the 2020 election. October 1st is a strategic, opportune time to really affect Beijing. Miss it, and you're a fool.

  • CCP Has Stolen Our Jobs & Wealth For The 30 Years With The Help Of Our Pass Presidents….Now, President Trump Said “America First” 🇺🇸👍

  • China is trying to wait for 2020, and Sleepy Joe. When Trump wins, he should tax the shirt off Chinas' sorry stankin back.

  • Joe Biden owes China, big time. His son got big money from them. China very much wants Joe to get elected! They will work to that end! We must stop them.

  • Where are all these "great deals" Trump keeps promising his uneducated base? The USMCA, aka U-SCAM hasn't been ratified by Congress. In fact NO TRADE DEALS have been ratified by Congress. You're all just being led down the rabbit hole.

  • I see the Secretary didn't mention how Trump has Air Force planes diverted to his Swedish Golf resort for a quick overnight at TAXPAYER expense….not a word about it. There is no profit, read grift, to small for Trump to pass up….

  • The only "deal" that Trump should be trying to negotiate right now, is the same deal we gave Nixon. Resign now, and we won't prosecute.

  • COMMUNIST CHINA is not our friend!!!! I say halt trade with them especially exports of technology!!!! watch them come crawling begging for our $$$ they STEAL from USA

  • The left… Trump is killing babies with these tariffs. Trump delays the tariffs as a goodwill gesture to smooth over talks. The left… HAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!

  • Stop doing goodwill for the Chinese Communist Party!!! You kept saying they stole billions and billions of dollars from us. Stop being weak…

  • great  news, instead of screwing us more before Christmas Hit us in January when we have to pay even more when we file our taxes.  How stupid.  SAVE AMERICA FIRE TRUMP

  • THE CLOWNS who allowed China to walk all over us for the last 30 years all of a sudden got their undies all bunched up as though THEY knew what they were doing. xD Priceless. Trump knows what he's doing , sit down stfu and enjoy the ride…

  • CCP only wants to control and cheat their people of how strong the country is, why do we need to be in a part of their lying? It is useless to extend the trade talks or lower tariffs to them, CCP Kleptocrats really don't care, they already rich enough. We should not have any part of their evilness. It has been a tragedy for the Chinese people for the Chinese Communist Party to take over China, now why help them to celebrate that so-called National Holiday. No Chinese elect any of the officials there. Why we Americans always are outplayed by CCP? Our governments have been so stupid and ignorant about the tricks that CCP have been using. Steven Mnuchin is from Wall Street, and it has been exactly that evil Wall Street bankers help CCP to cheat on the American people.

  • Stand Strong Mr, President Your A Man That Deserves Respect, The America People Respect You, We Need You, America’s Give God The Glory, He Is Watching And Protect Our President,Trump, Our Weapon Is Prayer, Amen, I Believe In America’s, To Do The Right Thing On 20/20 , For Our President,And Our Freedom,👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😇😇😇😇

  • Why do we pay thr do notngs on congess anything, yhey have made that branch of our government completely useless.interesting, I wotked from 18, I am now 75, these usless people do nothing tenvare given as in a dple 6 weeks paid vacation, during all of this time we pay thes useless poeople every month.I would have been fired for such pitifiul performance. Weneed to allow some other means of firing these loafers instead of elections term limits of 1 term soundscmuch better than two. Usless human beins theives actually!!☹

  • China would burn all our cities and invade everyone in Asia if they thought they could get away with it. Don’t arm your enemies out of your own pocket.

  • floating 50-year bonds… budget tops 1 trillion a year… the fed is back to cutting rates… this is supposed to be the "strongest" economy? history is repeating itself…

  • "Good will gesture"? Let's celebrated the enslavement of a billion people to the scourge of Communism. Maximum pressure on little North Korea and Iran. But, let China run wild.


  • China is not our friend. China is only concerned with China and global dominance. China's goal is to be the #1 Super power in the world. They have assets and investments throughout the globe. Their citizens are ruled with an iron fist. They are growing rich off of Ametica.
    Boeing is a good example. China is now manufacturing and delivering the Boeing 737 Max (currently grounded worldwide). Boeing had to surrender it's intellectual property to China in order to manufacture aircraft in China. This is exactly what President Trump is trying to stop. The intellectual property thief by China.

  • If President Trump sets down with the murderous islamo Nazis in Iran I probably won't vote for him in 2020! I most certainly will not vote Democrat!

  • Both Japan and US produce cars, so tariff on Japan protects Fort and GM. However US has no textile mills and shoe factories, tariff on China does not protect any US producers but raise the retail prices. Statistics shows that deficits have been increasing since "trade war" stupidly started.

  • Fomenting chaos in Hong Kong is not a good strategy to work China. You have to understand there will be reprisals for these actions elsewhere.

  • Love Love Love my President Trump! Smart businessman and a true blue American who truly Loves America! Plus he brought US the most beautiful First Lady America has ever had, AND the most beautiful, attractive First Family. Something America can finallt be proud of. Instead of having to listen to some bonehead built like a line backer wearing a dress that looks like it came out of Goodwill .. getting up on National TV talking about she'd never been proud of America. That that was the first time she actually felt proud of America. Some stupid incident praising her hubby. That's the only thing that made her proud of America. smh. pathetic. That's not a sign of strong character. Its not the American way/ work ethic. Very negative. But what the hell did Obummer ever do for America? for American's? The big cities have people literally defecating in the street's in broad daylight. What does Obummer do? Buy's a 15 million dollar mansion on an island in the Atlantic. Cuz everybody knows that making 450 k a yr .. gets you enough money to buy mansions in Palm Springs Thunderbird country clubs .. with all their high HOA monthly dues PLUS mansions in DC .. and all over .. including Martha's Vineyard. right? Right?
    Maybe the rumors of his drug trafficking and other more horrible than that trafficking .. ARE true. idk. But that 15 million .. PLUS all the other millions .. on the other properties .. alone .. came from somewhere.

  • What about HSBC Financial and the compliance with Mexican and Columbian drug trafficking laundering and DOJ penalized them….. then comey worked in their board to keep then in compliance. Hhmm. Then…Obama involved on basically letting them off the hook ??? Why?

  • China’s strategy is to delay U.S talks until next presidential election. U.S. fell for China’s excuse. Next month China will ask for a delay from tariffs due to Panda 🐼 Day. Making up random holidays to trick Americans.

  • Think of how the economy would be if democrats were helping instead of hindering. Nancy Pelosi did not bring up the MCA trade agreement for a vote. I hope the next congress is republican.

  • Trump Big talk but small action..CCP reports china made US divided the tread
    agreement to two pieces, 10% principal and 90% business..

  • Don't believe what China says, look at what China does. The US showed a good will gesture by delaying tariffs, while China showed their "good will" gesture by exporting more fentanyl to the US. On August 27, 2019, "Mexican government authorities reported a seizure of approximately 25.75 tons of powdered fentanyl in the port city of Lázaro Cárdenas, in the western Mexican state of Michoacán — and it came from China . Investigators discovered the fentanyl aboard a Danish vessel in a cargo container whose manifest indicated a shipment of calcium chloride, on its way to the final destination: USA!

  • Do not offer a two step deal. They will never live up to it. Turn down the screws. Move the international supply chain away from China.

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