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MLA (Modern Language Association) International Bibliography

MLA indexes journal articles, books and dissertations
published on modern language, literature, folklore, linguistics, literary theory and
criticism and the dramatic arts. This video will demonstrate how to carry out a search
using MLA. Start by entering your main search keyword
or words into the search boxes. In this example we are looking at how you would search for
journal articles about the figure of the child in Victorian literature. Click on search. You can see that this has returned nearly
600 results. By default, the search is sorted by relevance. If you prefer to arrange your
results by date of publication use the drop down menu at the top of the results. In this example, our search is much more sophisticated
and employs a number of techniques. By adding quotation marks around your search terms,
you will search for the term Victorian literature as a phrase rather than as individual words.
We can add more keywords to narrow down the number of results and make our search more
specific. In order to search for the singular and plural or other forms of a word use an
asterisk to truncate the term, for example child* with an asterisk will search for the
words child, children and childhood. See the searching techniques video on the
Finding Information guide for more tips on searching Manchester Metropolitan University
Library’s resources more effectively. This search has reduced the results to 41.
You can also use the tools on the left hand side of the screen to refine your search.
By using the date slider, you can increase or decrease the date range, then click ‘Update’
to refine the search. The select a field option allows you to choose
where you want your search words to appear, such as in the title, or to search for a specific
article author etc. We can also click ‘Page options’ to increase the information available
from this article. The articles found will be mostly bibliographic
references. To see if we have access to the full text of the article click on the ‘Find
[email protected]’ link. A new screen will appear which will tell you
if the full text is available. Please note that we do not have full text
access to everything indexed on the MLA database but you have the option to apply for an inter-library
loan here. For more help and information, please email
the Library or visit the Library website.

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