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Mizoram Volleyball player Breastfeeds in Public

When a woman is outdoors say at a shop, in a rickshaw, bus, train, etc & her baby starts crying, the woman breastfeeds the baby. But people look at such women and judge her for breastfeeding. When people see a woman breast feed they start gossiping and say that it is vulgar. Society wants that mothers to cover themselves while breastfeeding and feed their child indoors. However now times have changed. For example, Taj Mahal has come up with special breastfeeding rooms for women so that they are away from prying eyes. Similarly Uttar Pradesh bus stations will have breastfeeding cubicles too. All over the world when women are at shops or restaurants and their baby starts crying, they openly breastfeed their baby. This is because women say that a baby feels hungry at any time. Their schedule is not fixed. This is why a woman needs to breastfeed. Should she go looking for a room? Is that important? Or is the baby? The baby is always the priority. Finding a room is not. When a woman breastfeeds, there is nothing vulgar. It is completely natural. For eg, if a child is hungry in the afternoon, would you say no and feed them at night. You will feed them whenever they are hungry. Similarly feeding babies is completely natural and there is nothing wrong in that. Lalventluangi is a volleyball player and from Mizoram. During the match’s half time, she was breastfeeding her 7-month-old baby. A man clicked her picture and it went viral over the internet. You may think that this is a very bad. However, when this picture went viral people all over got inspired and have praised her being able to balance her work and her baby. Mizoram Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte also shared the image of Lalventuangi and praised her for balancing her work and her baby. He announced that he will award Lalventluangi Rs 10,000 as a token of his appreciation. Lalventluangi is not the first woman to balance her work and family life. Model Mara Martin walked the ramp while breastfeeding her baby to show that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding. Larissa Waters breastfed her baby at a meeting in the Australian Parliament. She did this to show the world that there is nothing wrong with breastfeeding and it is natural. This is to create awareness in India and around the world that there is nothing wrong in breastfeeding and it is completely natural. Many women think that after delivery it is difficult to go out due to breastfeeding as they are ashamed of people looking at them. Due to time constraints they can’t go out as well. The girl breastfeeding in public showed that a woman can balance everything. Similarly women in India can work anywhere and breastfeed as well.

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