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“MITTENS & GLOVES”-Baby Sign Language- ASL (Portland Oregon)

Hi! Today I’m going to teach you two signs: one for mittens and and one for gloves. For mittens, you’re basically just holding up your hand like you would have a mitten on your hand and you are just tracing the outline of where your mittens would be. I’ll show you from this angle. Gloves you’re just showing putting on gloves. That’s how you do that. Also, if you are watching this channel and you don’t live in Portland Oregon and would like to learn more baby sign language, I have a webcast that I’d love for you to check out if you just go to the website listed in the description below and click on the webcast link you’ll find out more information. It’s a two-hour class. It’s the same one that I offer here in Portland and it’s a great idea to really jump start your learning so I invite you to check that out. Thanks! Bye!

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