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Mirroring: The Unconscious Body Language of Love, with Jane McGonigal

One of the fun things that you can do in everyday
life is to develop a technique that I call the love detector. And here’s how it works.
In everyday life we are constantly mirroring with our facial expressions, with our body
language, even with our breathing and our heart rates people who we like. And the more
that we feel like we really understand somebody, we’re really connecting with them, we’re
really clicking with them, the more likely we are to physically mirror what they’re
doing. So if you’re sitting across from somebody, you’re having a meeting, you’re
having a first date and you notice that you both have your head kind of tilted to the
same side or maybe you’re both leaning into the table with your head on your hand like
this. And you haven’t don’t it on purpose but you notice just in that instant wait,
we’re really – we’re sitting the same way. And oftentimes in my own experience it’ll
be really strange positions. You’ll be leaning back with one arm out here and you’re like
whoa, how did we get into this position. Well the way it happened is you are both feeling
connected. You feel like you are clicking and so because of that you’re physically
starting to mirror each other. And some people would advise you to do this intentionally
to kind of trick the other person into thinking that wow, we’re really getting on. Look,
they won’t consciously know it but their brain will perceive it. I think that’s kind
of creepy and really awkward. So instead of using this knowledge to I don’t know maybe
manipulate people into thinking that you’re bonding, just use it as a love detector. Happen
to notice in everyday life when you’re physically mirroring people and that’s just a signal
to you. It’s a clue to you, hey, here’s somebody that I really connected with at a
very deep level. This is somebody who would be a great ally, a great collaborator. Somebody
that I should definitely spend more time connecting with in the future.

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