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Minnesota City Signs

Hello, I’m Amy Amundsen from Minnesota. I would like to show you the different sign names for cities within our state. We’ll start with: Minneapolis (fingerspelled) (sign) It is signed this way because there was a former student from MSAD (back then, it was called MSD) whose name was David, and he lived in Minneapolis. His sign name was (this), which became the sign name for the city of Minneapolis. Next is St. Paul, which is our capital city. Some individuals sign it (sign), others sign it (this way), which corresponds to “capital”. The choice is up to you, depending on if you prefer to use initialized signs or not. (option 1) (option 2) Next we have Rochester, which is where the famous Mayo Clinic is located. This is the sign, which is different than the sign for Rochester, New York. It’s different here. (sign) (fingerspelled) Duluth is our next city,which is signed this way: (sign) This is because it is located “up North”. So, northern part of the state gives us the sign for Duluth. (fingerspelled) Next is St. Cloud. Some sign it this way, (sign) while others sign…excuse me…fingerspell “St. Cloud”. Some people prefer to fingerspell the name, as the sign implies St. Cloud is the capital of our state, which it is not. Hence that is why some individuals prefer to fingerspell the name of St. Cloud. The next town is Owatonna, which is the city south of where MSAD is located. (fingerspelled) (sign) Faribault, which is where MSAD is located (sign) Red Wing is spelled (fingerspelled) Some individuals use a more English-based sign and sign it literally (option 1) (option 2) However, the conceptually appropriate way is to fingerspell it. Brainerd is signed (sign) which makes use of the sign for “brain” (sign for Brainerd) Mankato which is signed (sign) If you look at a map of Minnesota, two rivers converge where Mankato is located, which causes it to look like a “V”. Hence the sign (sign). Fergus Falls is signed with two F’s (sign) which is rather easy. Bloomington, which is a suburb of Minneapolis, is signed (sign) (fingerspelled) This is where the Mall of America is located. (sign) Grand Rapids, which is located in the northern part of the state, is abbreviated as “G-R”. Again, another easy sign. Winona, which is in the southeastern corner of the state, is signed like this (sign) This is because (which I just learned the history of) because…what was it again?.. there was an eyeglasses factory located in Winona. Many deaf individuals worked there, so the sign for “glasses” morphed into the sign for “Winona”. (fingerspelled) (sign) Albert Lea is in the far southern part of the state, and is abbreviated “A-L”. Again, easy sign. (sign) That is all we have for you! Thank you so much. Bye!

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