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How To Learn Sign Language

Mini sign language tutorial of biblical words for my friends!

Hi! I was thinking how some of you guys
have told me that you find signing interesting and I thought it’d be fun for you guys if you wanted to learn some sign language I tried to think of some words that you might like to learn so it would be fun. I thought it’d
be fun first I’ll say that sign language is updated once in a while I am NOT the most modern one but I’ll
give you what I know the first one is Jesus take your hands.. this is your middle
finger.. you’re gonna use those fingers and go like this.. it is because of the hole in his hands.. Jesus with these fingers Jesus loves.. I put my hand down and my thumb’s still out. loves.. you can say you.. me you can point to many people for
“them” or “you guys” or “you” .. “me”.. however. Jesus loves you! “Christ”..this is a C. I’m gonna start across just going across to your other shoulder if you’re a rightie, you’re gonna go to your left or the other way around okay good “Christ” and you’re gonna go down here yeah Christ because um a king
has you know like that royal robe thing I don’t know where that’s called but it goes across right so Christ.. it’s the same as King and
Lord. Lord is easy, there’s an L. You’re gonna do the same thing. Lord.. Lord. King is a little hard, the letter K is hard. Make a three. Well this is a three in sign language I’m gonna do the thumb over here, okay
thats a K. You’re gonna go up here the same way King.. king so Jesus Christ is.. use your pinky.. is Lord. L for Lord. and.. like pull something across “and” then K for King. it’s a little hard but you can practice
and rewind if you need to This is “God” take your hand out swoop it up it kind
of like a rod or a candy cane. like this “God” and this is “father” The men are up here, and the females are down here. Father.. mother.. father.. mother.. God is our Father “Holy Spirit” stick out your fingers,
put your thumb here. This is “H” you take out your hand and make a circle
on your palm for “holy” “spirit”.. you can use your middle finger
and thumb. Just pull it up “spirit” “spirit” make a little twirl or whatever “H”, I’m sorry this is how it looks when you’re doing it but this is what it
looks like from the back okay so Holy Spirit There is two different signs for “Bible” with the letter “B” youre just gonna put your thumb across then take your hand here “Bible” I’ve seen other sign the Bible
differently. Just do “Jesus” and then “book” “Jesus” ‘”book”=Bible it depends, there are people who sign it differently but it’s usually those two this is “cross”… “cross” Make a “C” again and you’re going to make the shape of a cross The cross goes down and across, “Cross” this is “resurrection”.. you’re gonna
take your hand you see my little man with his legs. You’re gonna go “resurrection”.. boom like “risen”, that’s the same thing. “Risen” “resurrection”.. it’s the same thing. for “saved” and “salvation” it is the same
thing. You’re gonna make an “S” like a fist with both hands, you’re gonna cross your arm, uh your hand, your wrists you’re like arrested and you’re in chains and you’re gonna breaking apart to be free.. “saved” “saved”.. like “salvation” is the same Like your chains are broken now The word “Savior” is almost the same. You’re gonna do this “save” and then you’re gonna do this ..”ior”.. That means person, you are the person.
“Saviour” “Jesus is my Saviour” Some signs are.. you could give a special name sign to the people for anyone.. even Bible people. Like David. This is a “D”.. like the number one almost David was a king so you’re gonna sign “King” (with a D).. “David” all right so that’s one you may
already know “Moses”.. you know how his hair turned white when he saw God. We’re gonna go “Moses” .. this is the sign for white but we are going to be doing that on his head “Moses” Noah had the boat.. this is boat. You’re making a boat down the water, but
you’re gonna use his name His name starts with an “N”.. start over here and then I’m gonna put my thumb over here. I’m gonna put my fingers down. I’m
gonna see two with my thumb.. “N” same thing here..”N”.. and I’m gonna make a boat. “Noah.” Abraham.. God stopped him from killing his son.. so this is an “A” just like “love” (shown earlier) he was going to stab his son like this and the angel of the Lord stopped him.. “Abraham” all right um.. “Joseph”.. he had dreams
right, and this is “dream you have your bubble here.. “dream”.. but you’re going to use his name which begins with “J” You’re gonna make a J .. then you do “Joseph” um Mary was a virgin. This is “virgin” but
her name starts with an “M” Its like an “N” but we’re gonna do
three fingers this time, doing it like this put your three fingers down and do “Mary” Peter was like a rock right.This is
“rock” .. its a rock and its hard. His name is P for Peter.
Remember “K” ? This is “K”, but you gotta put it down. This is “P” alright so “K”.. put it down “P” for
“Peter” Thomas is a doubter so like (doubting). You’re not sure if its this side or that side. So one finger down over your thumb and do the same for the other “Thomas” um “angel” they have wings, so you’re gonna go like this from your shoulder and you’re gonna like fly down, “angel” with their wings. alright if there’s anything else you
want to know, put it on the comments I’ll try to make another video eventually with all the stuff you want to know Ok, thank you!

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  • Charlene FreedInChrist Привет, Шарлин. Иисус улыбается увидел жест любит вас. Отец, Иисус, Святой Дух, Творец, звезда, Солнце, Луна, море, земля, Адам и Ева. Hi, Charlene. Jesus smiles saw the gesture loves you. Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Creator, star, Sun, Moon, sea, earth, Adam and eve.

  • You're so sweet! Thank you for teaching us! I remember learning the song Jesus Loves Me in sign language when I was little. I still remember most of it. 🙂

    I have to say I've actually picked up a few signs from some of your videos in the past. I want to learn more when I can.

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