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Michio Kaku: Mental communication and infinite knowledge are on the horizon

Eventually, a computer chip will cost a penny,
which is the cost of scrap paper. They’ll be everywhere and nowhere, including
your eyeball, in your contact lens. You’ll blink, and you’ll be online. And who are the first people to buy internet
contact lenses? College students, taking final examinations. They will blink and see all the answers to
my exam right there in their contact lens. And this can be very useful, if you’re at
a cocktail party, and there’s some very important people there that could influence your future. But you don’t know who they are. In the future, you’ll know exactly who to
suck up to at any cocktail party. On a blind date, they could be great. Because, of course, your blind date could
say that he’s single, he’s rich, and he’s successful. But your contact lens says that he pays child
support, that he’s three times divorced, and the guy is a total loser. So yes, we’re going to have almost infinite
knowledge. And then beyond that, we will communicate
mentally. That is, we’ll be able to think about emails,
think about images, memories, and send them on the internet. Already, we can record memories. This was done two years ago at Wake Forest
University and also in Los Angeles. We’ve been able to record small memory, short
memories, in mice. Now it’s being done on monkeys. Next, Alzheimer’s patients, they’ll push a
button, and memories will come flooding into their hippocampus. And maybe one day, you’ll push a button and
have that vacation that you’ve never had. So we’re entering a new era, where the internet
itself could become brain net. Brain net could replace digital internet. Instead of zeros and ones, you’ll send emotions,
feelings, memories, on the internet. And of course, teenagers will love it. Instead of putting a happy face at the end
of every sentence, they’ll put the entire emotion– their first dance, their first date,
their first kiss, right there on the internet. And that’s going to revolutionize entertainment. Because remember the talkies? When the talkies came, the silent movies went
out of business. No one wanted to see Charlie Chaplin when
you could hear actors talk. So movies are nothing but sound and a screen. Think of what will happen when you can feel
emotions, sensations, feel what the actor is feeling. Then the movies will seem so barbaric. They’ll seem such like a dinosaur technology,
once we have brain net capable of sending emotions, feelings, on the internet.

100 Replies to “Michio Kaku: Mental communication and infinite knowledge are on the horizon”

  • Brain net is already here now! We are all sending emotions across it now. Much love brothers and sisters! 😘

  • It’s not infinite knowledge, it’s infinite ACCESS to knowledge. People will be standing around in a blank stare reading their contacts, watching videos, etc. the same way most don’t use the internet now to get smarter🤣. He talks about sending emotions and memories, but what about hackers sending fear and and bad memories. What’s the upside that we don’t already have?? Scientists dream of grandiose purpose for these things, unfortunately the reality of how mankind uses it it far less grand😔

  • Good luck advancing to that stage before we wipe ourselves out through climate change and the great collapse

  • The downside is that, at least until now, your brain is the only place the world can't reach directly. These neuro-interface technologies threaten that. They offer the prospect of a day when we will not be educated; we will be programmed, every personality tic specified. Which won't seem so bad to the kids raised this way; but will they feel their lives are livable if they still have errant impulses they are not allowed to even have, and must constantly be corrected? Can they honestly call themselves human if they have no true agency?

  • I am gradually starting to find entertainment value in the attitudes of most people when they encounter speech like Kaku's. Destruction, narcissism, world war 3, the matrix, brainnet, addiction. Sure, Kaku might not be the sharpest of futurists, but the future has been overwhelmingly bright in our history. Looking back, only those who are ignorant or blinded by nostalgia will claim that the past was better than the present. If you think your grandparents had it easier than you, then you have either seriously downgraded from their status, or you are simply mistaken in your evaluation of the past. The human psyche is especially susceptible to negative appraisals, and harm avoidance and loss aversion are both way stronger than reward approaching or reward seeking. Negativity pulls our attention way more than anything positive. This might be because you can get a good thing again, even if you fail, but in some instances, you can only fail once, and that will be your last failure ever. Mark my words, future technology will catch most of us by surprise, and make no mistake, you will be just like your gramps were towards the new technologies that you guys used. Every past generation will be critical of the technology of the next generation, and "things were better when I was younger" will always remain true in the perception of the older generation (unless you for once break free from the auto-pilot of your psyche).

    Hearing someone speak about potential technology and finding it uncompelling is okay, but once that technology lands to our society, steadily, not over night, you will most likely adopt it because everyone else around you does so too. Whatever you're afraid about these technologies, just realize that they are already partially implemented to our current society. Technology is very rarely a discrete change from 1 to 2. Instead, it changes from 1 to 1.1, then 1.2, then maybe 1.6, and then maybe to a 2. The change is gradual, hard to notice, and it usually seamlessly integrates to our lives, because quite frankly, we are one with our technologies, just like a bird and a nest belong together. Birds fly, fish swim, and humans use technology. If you so wish, you are free to walk away form this progress, go to the woods, feed yourself, and stay downgraded.

  • If the future means the loss of privacy, I'm going back to the past. Imagine the Borg being the reality?

  • If you haven't learned to understand the question, or if your horrible professor, like Michio Kaku, cannot teach the information in a way that the student can understand, what value is there to knowing an answer on an exam given by a professor who is unwilling to teach a student who is uninformed on how and why to learn, since the student will not understand what the answer means or how to apply it in the case of the exam or in other areas where it might be a life-and-death situation?

    If the answer that people give about General Relativity is E=mc^2, which has nothing to do with General Relativity, then all of our teachers have always let us down.

    You are a horrible communicator and a very poor teacher, Kaku.

  • yes michio but will this be ued correctly.. and how will it affect our sense of whom we are.. dangerious for our addictiveness really i rekon..

  • You ever notice that when you talk to someone or right before you write a comment on antisocial media, the words pass through a filter first. Say bye-bye to that.

  • How scary future he is selling here ! Forget zombie apocalypse, This is the scariest shit I have ever heard!

  • So we are going to let technology overrule our humanity? I have hope we are smart enough to know that more and more technology and virtual gadgets wont make us happier.

  • Jeez, why stop there, Michio? In the future, computers will be on every surface and beyond every surface. Literally in the air. They will be so small they fill the air we breathe and will be 100% free. Every brain will be connected simultaneously to produce one worldwide computer of infinite knowledge. Every person will see, hear, feel, control everything all the time including every animal. Furthermore, the entire Earth will literally be a computer powered by its core and part of one that fills the solar system and actually the entire universe is a computer that will calculate every possible calculation, infinite times per second which will be just a construct because everyone will time travel and instawarp anywhere in the universe. Also outside the universe will be a computer. Okay, I've just realized we are in a computer simulation.

  • One could have infinite knowledge
    and still not know everything there is to know.
    Think of it all being on a numbered list.
    You could know all the even-numbered things
    and qualify as having infinite knowledge because that itself would be an infinite list;
    while still not knowing any of the odd-numbered things on the list.

  • How do we know we're not already in BrainNet? Everything feels "real"…but that's just perception. While obviously I don't truly know the answer, I believe you find out the truth to your human reality when you "die." Further, I think the point is to enjoy this human experience (or at least accept it) to the fullest (under any condition) before your consciousness gets re-booted into another reality. So let's pump as much love and kindness into this human reality as possible…because I mean, why not? <3

  • Michio Kaku is not as lively as I remember. Old age is creeping up.

    This guy has inside knowledge on all this stuff so I believe it.

    Although I do think it's gonna be very distant though. Not on the horizon.

  • 0:17 
    Me: Don't do it Michio don't say it……
    Michio: regurgitates the same line he's been saying for years

  • His eyes have become small focused, almost like being on stone kind of drug. Years back Dr. Kaku was much more alive. On big think videos. This is weird

  • Without compassion and empathy, such communication would be a disaster. Many years ago a friend claimed to have been abducted just outside Montreal by a small group of aliens. The thing which struck me most was her recollection of gradually "moving into" the mind of one of them. And the almost spiritual awareness it brought. Fifty years later, telling me her story, the tears poured down her face. " I was a young teenager and naively thought such intimate mind sharing would happen when I fell in love later back on earth. It never did! I never shared anyone else's mind. It is my deepest sadness." She married twice and eventually chose to live alone.

  • "In an information-rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes. What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it."

    Simon, H. A. (1971)

  • I think a "brainnet" made of billions of users all connected via BCIs will cause us to achieve great things

  • I think there is way too much dark emmotions out there to just put it all there…
    I mean, we already have trolling, Imagine dial that up to 1000.

  • So telepathy will be possible through technology but how could telekinesis be possible through technology.

  • These comments make me mad it's so sad and disappointing people are bias against technology that would make the world a better happier safer place for men women and children. You could tell who's a sex offender and who isn't and keep them away from your children! That's how serious this technology is and why it's so wrong to be opposed to it.

  • Transhumanism is already here, it's about acceptance. Of course billions of ppl are still under the religious spells of delusion. But I welcome it to see how far we can advance ourselves and horizons in exploration and AI

  • Watching porn would be interesting. I am a guy and I'll choose to feel how the hot girl in the video is feeling. :p

  • Sounds like the ability to implant false memories and perspectives into peoples minds. most of what he said doesn't sound appealing let alone safe.

  • so sad he can not feel or forsee our spiritual side…..for if he did he would realize we don't need any of this nonsense……

  • Michio Kaku is a very sick person for promoting this horrendous distortion of reality, as if he thinks it will always be used for good, the ruthless always take what they want, and here he sits advocating the last big step to chain humanity to a sick circle of manufactured emotions, consumerism and a never ending stop of electromagnetic fields slowly destroying your brain, making you into a harmless sheep. lazy people will surely fall for "infinite knowledge" , with the path of least resistance, like a swarm of mindless electrons.

  • Brain net, will be the TOP lead of UNACCOUNTED FOR neurological disorders, just disregard that humans ALREADY have clairvoyant capabilities that aren't being conditioned to be developed because certain people want to fund robots instead of humans, you wouldn't even need cell phones today if these parts of the human brain were respected or developed, just like it was considered BLASPHEMY 2000 years ago and a man got crusified for displaying these clairvoyant superhuman qualities ….. Instead we can use microwaves to interfere with the evolution of the human brain….

  • Yes… infinite knowledge. You have great insights Mr. Kaku, and I have enjoyed many of your books, but I do not think that science can give us all knowledge. Even if we explored the whole universe, we would not know if the universe has a point.

  • damn…I loved reading Michio Kaku's books like 10-15 years ago, he totally knows his physics and he was funny…when did he become a crackpot? This is some "we'll have flying cars in the future" nonsense

  • The first adopters of similar technologies is with pornography. The first use will be for sharing feelings in pornos.

  • Evolution will continue on this planet whether or not our species survives. To not fear evolution is the key to our survival. To not fight or ridicule evolution is also key to our survival. But unfortunately, many humans in power right now fear losing that power because of evolution. That's why they would rather trash the planet and bury humanity in suffering; rather than respect evolution for our species survival.

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