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Mexico Deports 311 Indians Trying to Enter USA

Getting a US visa is very difficult. You all know that. There are many people who try to enter the US illegally from Mexico by crossing the US border. Recently US President Donald Trump had warned Mexico to stop immigrants from illegally crossing the US border. Mexico government officials along with officials from the Indian Embassy arrested 311 individuals from different parts of Mexico. They were all Indians. This is so shocking! How did 311 get there! Mexican government officials said that these people did not have proper documentation and had entered the country illegally. Mexican officials also said that agents charged Rs 25-30 lakh per person to help illegally obtain a Mexican visa and then sneak into the US. 311 Indians went to Mexico. The Mexican government said that 311 Indians were deported on 18th October today. In June, Gurpreet Kaur a 6-year-old girl was in the Arizona Desert. Her mother had gone to look for water while the child was by herself. It was very hot. While she was looking for water, she was caught by Mexican officials. When they went back, the child had died due to a heat stroke. They were trying to cross the Mexican border near the Arizona desert and enter the USA. There are many such cases.

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