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Mercedes-Benz E500 No Start, No Communication with PCM

100 Replies to “Mercedes-Benz E500 No Start, No Communication with PCM”

  • All that just for a corroded fuse terminal. Is it possible that rain has somehow got in when the car door was open? Your hesitancy in running a new wire was well founded. You fixed it which was the main thing and you got to the root cause of the problem.

  • Excelent fix like always! I think there is no water leak from outside, my guess is that the water is dropping from the AC hose right above the fuse box

  • Down here in OZ we have a Mercedes 270CDi ML,which America didn't get. I have found on them that the main fusible link on the battery post may look good but they are often the cause of exactly the same symptoms. May who ever designed these things burn in hell….🚓😂

  • So could that wire have caused the no start that the owner replaced the starter? Meaning the old starter was maybe okay.

  • The fuse box is right under the ac vent. I’m not sure where you are but if it was in Florida you would have a condensation problem.

  • Am I the only one pulling in and out fuses when I test them? Would have spotted that corrosion right away before gutting out the fuse box.

  • Hy am having an issue with my w220 s350. I was on a long trip and I returned yesterday and i got my car cranked and started. Engine is running fine and ideal normally. But am not having any electrical power. Like ac ,power windows ,speedo meter ,seat adjusts ,steering adjustment , none of the electrical powered are working. Just the car runs. Please help me if any one could. 😥😥

    And one more thing. From start onwards the right headlight is in bright mode and left headlight is in dip mode.

  • ESP ON MERCEDES [ @24.21 minutes ] IS electronic stability program [ prevents loss of control of the car due to lateral slip ]. normally with a power interruption the steering limit and range information [ memory ] is lost and you can turn the steering wheel [ in place ] FULL left FULL right then FULL left, then Full right. the relearn will now be complete,  the Yellow ESP light and the Yellow triangle should extinguish.

  • 47:45 I was waiting for the celebratory hood slam then i realised you still had the shop light still attached. Id have cost myself some money and pride right there haha

  • my 2008 e350 suddenly stopped getting fuel, changed fuel pump, relays are good, fuses are good, but for some reason the fuel pump will not get power period to start the car, it cranks but wont start…anyone have any ideas?

  • learning so much Brother you've been a great help. I'm an ex Generator technician due to my troubleshooting background. I'm able to solve a lot of these problems with your information in channel. I would not be able to solve as many. thank you very much for your help. Starting over in my life as a mechanic due to an unfortunate divorce is me my life. Your easy watching channel has helped the transition enjoyable and profitable.
    Thanks again bro.

  • That's why you should always inspect fuses by removing them, not with a light bulb. So many coroded fuses that it's regular to european cars to just change common fuses in a while.

  • My 03 cl600 is doing something similar to that it just fell dead one day all lights come on the dash the key turn just fine need help any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for all your videos!!!! I'm a 68 year old shade tree Maniac that has never had a vehicle in a shop but, don't know what I need to about the new stuff. I don't work on cars for a living, just for family and friends. Wish I had every video you have made (except for the x rated ones) or could take your courses. Don't know how much longer I will be able to work on vehicles anyway but I sure do love it !!!!

  • I would love to own a Benz – but the reality is. = it will take you to HELL financially and mechanically. Are you familiar with Jewish Lightning ScannerDanner?

  • This video was quite useful for my issue. I had a crank no start with electric cooling fan on full on a 1999 CLK320. I also had no comms with a scan tool. I fully charged the battery. No change. Checked every fuse. No change. I swapped the K40 relay block with a known good one. No change. I then bought a scrap yard ECU for £20 which wouldn't start the car but did communicate with the scan tool. I then swapped the MCU from my bad ECU into the replacement ECU and I was back in business. Which is just as well because now my 1998 E55 has coolant in the oil. So that's really serious and not getting used until that's diagnosed and resolved! Blokes like you put real value into Youtube, so thanks very much!

  • Hi, I was wondering if you can tell me what turbine speed sensor
    circuit "A" is because that is the code it is giving me. Thank you.

  • Hey Dan, keep in mind that ALL Mercedes-Benz hoods can lift into service mode (12 o'clock position). There is a red buttom one side that you press in while lifting and go to the other side and press that tab in and it should allow you to lift it thus rendering the hood lights obsolete.

  • Hello Mr. Danner (and audience.) I have the same chassis as a 2003 E320. I currently have battery drain and am suspecting one or modules not sleeping. Amp draw is 1.610A. I found guidance on how to troubleshoot, by connecting ampmeter and removing fuses one at a time. Battery is a new Bosch. I've been using a battery tender daily. So, after writing down current draw for each fuse, I"m still at a loss. Seems like too many fuses are drawing anywhere from 0.010 amp to 0.150 amp, and the total of all is about 0.280 less than the 1.610A. I also pulled and tested all the relays, which all are good. Recently, the fuel pump relay was bad and was replaced. Anyway, upon trying to start the car, I had the same issue with ESP Error – Visit Workshop, as well as the fan running full speed (yes, that's the default with a non-functioning ECM.) So, I pulled each fuse again thinking maybe one was blown. They all looked good. I then pulled every fuse a second time, looking more carefully (but still did not test with a continuity tester.) Now, I'm going to follow the path to ensure the fuse 42 circuit has power to the ECM. BTW, I know you were wondering about two circuits (wires) fed by that fuse and I have an Excel sheet I downloaded that also says "Fuse and Relay Box Driver" as well as "Engine Control Module" for F042. That doesn't tell me much, but that's all I have on it. I'll post an update once I get this old lady running again. Thanks – you are awesome!!!

  • I like how u try to be so patient because a lot of times when I'm messing with the electrical part of the vehicles it gets on my nerves. THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO UR DOING A GREAT JOB.👍

  • where can i get the wire diagram i have a 2007 mercedes e500 car looks flawless but runs just like a peice of shit i had a s500 had speed sensor code i replaced the conductor plate myself car ran fine for 2 days then car dash said ESP/bas got rid of the car trade for 07 E500 now this car only starts if the car is in neutral…iam so so so sick of mercedes i will never in my life buy another one i can not even get to work now have to rely on a car pool….mercedes should be sued for flooding the road with shit!!!!!

  • From now on, every time my Merc throws a code, I'm going to call it a Fart Code! Great video on finding bad wires and fuses in insane modern wiring harnesses!

  • I knew it was a wiring issue or the the wire is cut some where in the circuit thanks scanner danner for the videos. I got to learn more about 5 volt refrences

  • 03 Dodge stratus .no voltage to coil I jumped the fusebox it started I turned key off it kept on running. All fuses good and relays.can you help? New pcm also .

  • My shit ass e500 had all the power in radio windows etc but didn’t start or have any type of sound when trying to start it and being in Mercedes for 3 days they called and diagnosed no my problem with no “problem” but my car starts so much better and stronger. But they wouldn’t tell me what they did. How bout that

  • dont buy this pieces of shit,,too much trouble,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you see a red light flashing and a beep,,,stay away from it, this will be your electric brakes,,,and its a thousands to fix,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that if you key dont turn,,,,,

  • Quick question I have 2006 Infiniti m45 with the same issues u have no communication with the ECU and it's showing me on my obd2 scanner that I have a code u1000 which means CAN communication curict fault with all the modules I checked the power supplies and ground they all good, did a 5V reference and I got 0.4 volts I even replaced the IPDM e/r, BCM,ECU and had them reprogrammed again and still no start. What do u think could be the issue I'm struggling out here PLZ help !

  • Good morning my Mercedes Bez 420 shows a failure to accelerate initially seems lack of injection, high revolution does not fail to heat seems to lack of injection and electricity, I change the gas pump, the gas regulator, the relay of the pump, but continues the fault, I really need your acesoria because I'm really going crazy, please

  • Do your premium classes for engine performance start from the basics and move your way up. Im taking my engine performance ase and i wanted to know if they would help pass it

  • No substitute for real world experience. New techs within their first 3 years don't tackle jobs like this without a mentor!!! Guidance and persistency!!

  • 12:36 how many times have we been so close yet so far,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,,tnx for the videos,,,,YOU WERE TOLD CHECK THE FUSES,,,MEANING TAKE THEM OUT AND INSPECT,,,ESPECIALLY OLD CARS,,,,,,,,THEY GET CORRODED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL

  • Where did you find your wiring diagram? I have scoured the internet for a wiring diagram for a w219 2006 cls500 (or w211 2006 e500, same chassis). Have a great day!

  • hi dude, i have same problem om ML 270 CDI W163 . when i am driving , engine gets turn off and cooler gets rotation with high power, key has not any reaction, and diagnostic computer can not connect to the engine ecu. after 5-10 minuter engine starts and after that it posible to connect engine ecu, but there is no errors. no one know how to repair this problem in my city. please help me

  • Now that was awesome troubleshooting utilizing ECM's 5v REF, power and grounds, and sheer determination to find the culprit. Your methods are proven!!!

  • How are you
    Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2001 with its suction key
    The switch is running well but
    Sometimes starter does not work
      Sometimes it works
    What are the reasons?p0600??

  • Well done ! When you start working on a car, make sure that energy is allways available. Electricity and gas. Then check all the electric contacts. Pull fuses and relais. Very often, if not allways, you find the trouble maker. If Dan had checked his fuses better then problem would have been solved much quicker. But we are brainwashed by the OBD scanner manufacturers.

  • Volvo 240 and 260s have the fuse box mounted just below the A pillar. When the windscreen leaks (and it will) same problem exists.I've seen nearly all the terminals rusted away.
    excellent video as usual.

  • I suspect that air freshener could have been the problem, as I had one of those in the same position in my Mercedes CLK, and it leaked fluid and destroyed the fuse box connections. Lesson learned so I have gone back to the magic tree type now.

  • Just in time. After replacing the o2 sensor and not seeing improvement I disconnected the MAF on my '89 Ranger 2.3 and turned ignition on off on off then started engine and it runs really good. Replacing MAF tomorrow. This after a week of troubleshooting. Thanks ScannerDanner.

  • We come across water ingress quite often on Rover 75 and MG ZT's which is what we specialise in.
    My advice while dealing with any unprotected plugs (ie not weather proofed) while they are unplugged simply pack the plugs & sockets with clear grease or battery terminal grease or even red rubber grease . At least if you don't trace the source of the leak at least if water does hit the plugs or fuse boxes etc it's not going to cause further corrosion due to the grease acting as a fantastic water repellent.

    We've used this practice for years and no problems will arise with interference or cross conductance or voltage leakage etc.
    In fact if the factories greased every plug and socket and fuse blade there would hardly be any faults but hey they don't want their cars to last forever do they ?!!!

    Nice video and clever superimposing effects through your scope screen 🙂

  • S.Danner: You RULE! I watch your "Sensor grounds & 5v reference" "Hall effect…Pull up…pull down…" videos just to relax! Thanks bro, you got it goin' on. btw Later Benzs' cooling fan is energized when the A/C compressor circuit is energized – even on cold start. Hit the IO button to remove it from operation (center console lower right button) or shut the climate system off completely (lower center IO button.) **It WILL START automatically but not "always on." Paul

  • Dam !! I think that's what's wrong with my E500!! I noticed leak at car wash in drivers window. It drips really bad. I will check and get back to you!!! God I hope that's it. Thanks man!!

  • Have an e320 same exact problem. Followed your lead . It started after. For 5 days started no problem then one day I shut it off and it did the same thing. No start no crank no communication dash lights light up but no crank. All fuses fine no corrosion has power to fuses. Fan goes on full blast.This one stumps me.

  • I have similar issue,drove car then when I made a pit stop it wouldn’t crank! Key would turn and radio and lights will power up..I changed the starter but still doesn’t work! A mechanic friend checked power and found my front Sam module wasn’t gettin power to fuses 48-52,so I replaced the front Sam and now I get power to all fuses in front Sam but now I noticed when I turn the key I dont hear the same clicks and car still doesn’t crank! Plz help it’s been over 4 months and I charge the battery every week

  • @38:57 and THAT is one of the reasons why I always physically pull out any fuse I wanna check. Years ago, I went to GM training course where they simulated several problems on different vehicles, and one of the things they did on one of the vehicles was break off one of the spades on a fuse, stuffed the broken spade in the outlet side of the fuse block, meaning the wire that was going from the fuse block to whatever it was the fuse was supposed to power, then plugged the fuse that they broke the spade off of into the other spade hole for that fuse location. I forget what the symptom(s) were, but the cause they were trying to simulate was a bad fuse block. It took everybody else who worked on that car 30-45 minutes to figure out what the problem was, I found out what the trainers really did to it in less than 5 by physically pulling the fuse.

  • Have a 2002 Mercedes s430 with the same issue everything lights up but when I turn the key to crank it up nothing happens

  • I replaced the battery & starter still doesn’t start on 2000 CLK 430. Please help me. Would really appreciated. Thank you in advance

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